US election 2012

Barack Obama’s foreign policy boast unravels after election

14 November 2012 12:02

What a lot of things President Obama seems to have been holding back until after his re-election. Each day brings…

Mitt Romney concedes defeat in the US Presidential election. Picture: Getty

The Romney campaign meets electoral reality

9 November 2012 15:23

When I worked in Washington, I was shown round the White House by a junior Bush administration staffer. As our…

The Democrats won more than just the Presidency on Tuesday night

8 November 2012 18:15

The focus, of course, is on President Barack Obama’s resounding re-election — but there are plenty of other reasons why…

Immigration is only part of the problem Republicans have with hispanic voters - Spectator Blogs

8 November 2012 1:24

Lord knows there are plenty of people to blame for Mitt Romney’s defeat. One chap has not been mentioned often…

Oh say can you see, MPs on a jolly

7 November 2012 17:55

Team Cameron, as my colleague James Forysth points out, are rather pleased with Obama’s victory. Downing Street’s finest have been…

Barack Obama’s new ethnic majority

7 November 2012 17:34

‘I’ve come back to Iowa one more time to ask for your vote,’ said President Obama at an emotional ‘last…

US election 2012: do Conservative values no longer matter on the American right?

7 November 2012 11:13

What’s happened to America’s social conservatives? Eight years ago, traditional ‘values voters’ were said to have been key to Bush’s…

David Cameron and Barack Obama bond over a barbecue in the Downing Street garden. Picture: Getty

US election 2012: Obama’s victory is a relief for David Cameron

7 November 2012 8:55

David Cameron welcomed Barack Obama’s re-election in the early hours of this morning, tweeting: ‘Warm congratulations to my friend @BarackObama.…

President Obama waves to his supporters after being re-elected to the White House. Picture: Getty

Obama keeps that hopey-changey thing going in victory speech

7 November 2012 8:23

Even though Obama’s victory speech in Chicago was far less hopey-changey than his rockstar delivery four years ago, the re-elected…

US election 2012: the broadcast election

7 November 2012 7:31

One product of the modern communications age is that we can all follow what US outlets and Twitter are saying…

US election 2012: Obama’s re-election

7 November 2012 7:18

In the end, Barack Obama won re-election comfortably. The Obama political team again demonstrated its ability to get the vote…

US elections 2012: God Bless Negativity

6 November 2012 11:46

Today, says American political journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty, ‘120 million Americans will choose who they don’t want to be president.’…