UK politics

Defence review: your say

7 July 2009 17:12

So, a Defence Review has been set in motion even though the Government has for a long time said they…

Nick Clegg: out of love with the Tories?

7 July 2009 15:26

The thing that jumps out from Nick Clegg’s speech on families today is how aggressively – if, ultimately, unconvincingly –…

To freeze or not to freeze?

7 July 2009 12:37

The question of whether or not to freeze public sector pay has had a fair bit of airtime over the…

A rebellion stirs

7 July 2009 9:02

So, what does today hold in store for Gordon Brown?  Howabout another 10p tax rebellion marshalled, as always, by Frank…

Why the Tories’ Californian strategy should be taken seriously

6 July 2009 17:53

A few months ago, I wrote a story about the “California Tories” and the extent to which Silicon Valley has…

Fresh thinking can free government from quango control

6 July 2009 16:01

In a speech to Reform this afternoon, David Cameron argued that the growth of the so-called quango state represents “a…

Lacking in boldness

6 July 2009 13:10

David Miliband is right that political parties need to adapt if they are to survive. Membership of all the main…

Brown puts on his gloomy face for the world stage

6 July 2009 9:00

How peculiar.  After all the economic optimism coming out of government recently, all the talk of recovery by the end…

Pure Balls

5 July 2009 17:19

According to the Sunday Times, poor old Shaun Woodward is getting the blame for inspiring Brown’s mendacious “Labour investment v…

More blows against Brown’s spending narrative

5 July 2009 11:19

It’s public spending time again, dear CoffeeHousers, with a couple of eye-catching articles in  today’s papers.  The first is a…

Gary McKinnon is a victim of injustice

5 July 2009 10:32

Well done to the Mail for their continued support for Gary McKinnon, whose case featured on their front page a…

Brown’s U-turns analysed

3 July 2009 18:28

Steve Richards’ column in today’s Independent – analysing Brown’s u-turns on the Post Office, 42 days and the abolition of…

The candidates for cuts

3 July 2009 16:20

Over at the Beeb website, Mark Easton flags up a new Ipsos MORI poll on public spending; you can view…

Another one for Miliband’s collection of cock-ups

3 July 2009 14:35

Great spot by Paul Waugh, who’s got evidence of the latest Miliband cock-up over at his blog.  Basically, Miliband told…

Brown announces his agricultural policy

3 July 2009 12:05

I think it’s fair to say that the Dear Leader is out of his comfort zone here: Hat-tip: Paul Waugh

Can Brown’s inner circle be broken?

3 July 2009 11:28

Given the speculation that’s whirling around Westminster about plots to oust Brown in the autumn, it’s worth noting this passage…

Darling’s position of strength

3 July 2009 9:01

Interviewed in today’s Indy, Alistair Darling’s “get real” warning to the bankers seems to be grabbing the headlines – but…

Things the Tories shouldn’t do

2 July 2009 17:40

It strikes me as being in both bad taste and politically foolish for Alan Duncan to suggest that Gordon Brown…

Breaking: Osborne’s expense claims to be investigated by Standards watchdog

2 July 2009 15:07

More from PoliticsHome. UPDATE: Paul Waugh has a copy of the original complaint.

Advertising cuts

2 July 2009 13:50

If you’re stuck for something to do during this sweltering afternoon, then it’s well worth flicking through David Cameron’s speech…