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Czech mate: Tory vice-chair’s grovelling apology to Corbyn

24 February 2018 14:47

Oh dear. When the Sun reported this month that Jeremy Corbyn met with a Czech spy – posing as a…

Iain McNicol addresses the Labour party conference in Manchester. Picture: Getty.

Iain McNicol steps down as Labour General Secretary

23 February 2018 19:52

Iain McNicol’s departure from the position of Labour General Secretary has been a very long time coming indeed. He wasn’t…

The terror of Corbynism

23 February 2018 16:15

This week, the Corbynistas bared their teeth. They gave us an insight into the mob-like authoritarianism that lurks behind the…

Labour’s Brexit position could be about to evolve into a big problem for the Tories

23 February 2018 16:10

Theresa May goes into the weekend safe in the knowledge that she has managed to reach an agreement with her…

The Tories should run a mile from the Corbyn spy story

23 February 2018 15:50

It’s fair to say that the Conservatives’ attempts to use the allegations about Jeremy Corbyn’s links with a Czechoslovakian spy…

Does Seumas Milne hold Brexit’s fate in his hands?

23 February 2018 15:04

Corbyn's spin doctor could play a key role in determining Labour’s position on the Customs Union

Citizenship is dead

23 February 2018 14:00

Once in a while some Socialist Worker people set up a stall outside my local Tesco to shout slogans at…

Brexit inner Cabinet agree a common position, and it favours divergence

22 February 2018 22:51

‘Divergence has won the day’, a source told me after the inner Cabinet’s Brexit away day at Chequers. I am…

Socialist Party’s jibe over PM’s Tessa Jowell meet

22 February 2018 17:05

Here we go. Ahead of today’s crunch Cabinet away day at Chequers, Theresa May held a meeting with Dame Tessa…

The cost of the Matt Hancock app

22 February 2018 16:44

When Matt Hancock released the ‘Matt Hancock app’ this month, there was much mockery from his critics. While some found…

Vince Cable asks: what’s the point of PMQs?

22 February 2018 16:18

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's unenlightening exchanges have put off the Lib Dem leader

How Theresa May could demonstrate her commitment to tackling domestic abuse

22 February 2018 13:43

Could domestic abuse be the latest policy area to fall foul of the government’s inability to get anything done? It…

Downing Street vs Stormzy

22 February 2018 12:11

Theresa May has a lot on her plate this week. As well as today’s crunch Brexit Cabinet away day, she…

Diane Abbott makes another numbers blunder

22 February 2018 11:07

Diane Abbott is no stranger to getting her numbers in a muddle, and it seems the shadow home secretary has…

What the papers say: A Brexit transition deadline is essential

22 February 2018 8:27

Theresa May and her Cabinet are meeting at Chequers today to try and finally thrash out an agreement on what…

Tories learn to Confide in one another

21 February 2018 16:31

Oh dear. It’s safe to say that the Conservative party’s foray into WhatsApp hasn’t always been plain sailing. After MPs…

Does John Bercow think politics is illegal?

21 February 2018 15:39

The Speaker decided that he should be the star-turn at PMQs, descending from his high chair and delivered one his longest ever speeches

Steve Baker’s disastrous Daily Politics interview

21 February 2018 13:40

Brexit minister Steve Baker has his colleagues to thank for his disastrous turn on the Daily Politics. Tory ministers have…

Watch: Theresa May’s Czech spy gag

21 February 2018 12:28

The Jeremy Corbyn Czech spy story is something of an open goal for the Tories. It was no surprise then…

The ERG’s so-called ‘ransom note’ could be a lot worse for May

21 February 2018 11:51

It’s red letter day for Theresa May. Only rather than a happy momentous occasion, the Prime Minister’s red letter day…

The European Research Group’s Brexit letter, in full

21 February 2018 10:47

Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to thank you for your reassuring comments about Britain’s approach to the upcoming trade…

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘change is coming’ warning to the press is chilling

20 February 2018 21:33

What a convenient inconvenience the row about Jeremy Corbyn’s links with a Czechoslovakian agent is for the Labour leader. While…

Damian Green’s missed opportunity

20 February 2018 16:58

Why should Damian Green have to apologise? The former First Secretary of State had an extremely awkward interview on the…

The middle class is Labour’s fickle friend

20 February 2018 16:30

Labour is a movement of organised sentimentality. Its default sound is a coo. Its default gesture a hug. For generations…

David Davis’s latest Brexit red line could cause trouble

20 February 2018 15:53

I am confused by what David Davis’s new principles to ensure fair competition between Brexit Britain and the EU are…