Trump’s Iran strategy has finally won over the ‘Never Trumpers’

8 January 2020 8:05

As a general rule, neoconservatives and hawkish Republican foreign policy officials don’t respect President Donald Trump’s capacities as commander-in-chief. They…

Iran’s generals are weeping for Qasem Soleimani. But soon they will prepare to fight

4 January 2020 10:56

It has been 24 hours since America droned Qasem Soleimani near Baghdad airport. Now both Iran and the United States…

The Soleimani assassination is Donald Trump’s biggest gamble yet

3 January 2020 8:31

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president on a non-military interventionist platform, sceptics have questioned his commitment to withdrawing troops…

Republicans can’t make up their minds on how to save Trump from impeachment

18 November 2019 17:51

It didn’t take long after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of an impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump for the…

Trump’s Yin and Yang game with China

24 August 2019 17:25

Ignore the Twitter rants, the real Donald Trump thinks trade peace is about to break out

On Trump, President Xi had no idea what was coming

28 June 2019 15:52

When Donald Trump took the US presidency in 2016, China was wary, but hopeful. Here’s was a businessman for whom…

The anti-Trump protesters forget where Britain’s true friendships lie

4 June 2019 12:11

American politics – like our own – is more polarised than ever. More than perhaps any other president in living memory,…

Sunday shows round-up: This country needs another referendum and I'd vote Remain, says Sam Gyimah

2 June 2019 14:27

Sajid Javid – Our priority ‘must be law and order’ The Tory leadership race is becoming a crowded field, with…

Trump pledges to “go all out” for a UK-US trade deal if Brexit talks fail

2 June 2019 8:11

The message from the EU is clear: there will be no improvement to the deal rejected by Parliament. And if…

Will Trump and Boris meet next week?

31 May 2019 10:35

Trump and Boris; Boris and Trump – the two men have a lot more in common than funny hair, an…

Christopher Steele (PA)

Donald Trump vs British spies

23 May 2019 18:36

Will Trump continue his battle against the ‘Deep State’ when he visits Britain?

Can Europe persuade Trump to see sense over Iran?

30 April 2019 10:25

The Europeans always held an inkling that sooner or later, a time would come when an impatient Washington would announce…

Wrinkled, white, and wrong — this is the face of the Democratic party

10 January 2019 7:31

Ignore the colourful and fresh-faced Democrats filling up your social media feed. The new face of their party is the…

Why Europe is now top dog in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

19 December 2018 9:14

About this time every month, diplomats, UN delegates, and humanitarian officials sit around the circular table in the UN Security…

Jeremy Hunt’s direct channel to Trump

19 December 2018 8:54

The past few months have been testing for the so-called special relationship. President Trump’s visit to the UK ended in…

As Trump cuts funding to the UNRWA, the EU must fill the vacuum

11 October 2018 22:26

On 31st August, in a move celebrated by Benjamin Netanyahu as a ‘blessed change’, the Trump administration announced it would…

The Spectator Podcast: plots, politics, and the pains of leadership

14 September 2018 15:56

This week, Tory in-fighting comes to the fore, but could the party be even more divided than we thought? Meanwhile,…

The Spectator Podcast: Trump’s peace plan

19 July 2018 16:30

Earlier this week, Trump met Putin. But beneath the outcry against Trump’s press conference, a peace plan for Syria was…

Theresa May fights for her premiership – and reveals Trump’s advice

15 July 2018 10:44

Theresa May appeared on the Andrew Marr sofa with her premiership at its most vulnerable point since the disastrous snap…

Donald Trump becomes No 10’s nightmare guest

13 July 2018 8:27

Oh dear. After some incendiary comments earlier in the week, Donald Trump has delivered a sucker punch towards Theresa May…