Trade Unions

Michael Gove’s planned national curriculum is designed to renew teaching as a vocation

2 April 2013 17:37

Michael Gove’s planned national curriculum, heavily influenced by American reformer E.D. Hirsch, came under strong attack over the weekend. Critics…

The teaching unions are threatening further industrial action this year. Picture: Getty

Teachers are demoralised, but parents are protesting

2 January 2013 17:17

The school holidays are nearly over, so here’s a cheery tale for those returning to the classroom next week. Teachers…

Michael Gove has advised head teachers to dock the pay of staff who carry out industrial action by refusing to undertake certain tasks. Picture: Getty

Michael Gove tells heads to dock the pay of ‘militant’ staff

12 December 2012 13:28

Michael Gove has written to schools across the country telling them that they can deduct a day’s pay from staff…

From the teaching unions' response to the decision to introduce performance-related pay into the teaching sector, you'd think Michael Gove had put Voldemort in charge of teacher pay. Picture: Getty

Do teaching unions not trust head teachers?

7 December 2012 12:45

Michael Gove had a very good autumn statement: not only did he get £1bn for new free schools and academies,…

Tata Steel’s job cuts, a tale of 2 press releases

23 November 2012 14:39

Today brings bad news that Tata Steel is to cut 900 jobs in the UK (at plants in South Wales,…

Trade unions are capitalist, community-minded, and Conservative

20 October 2012 13:30

Last week there were reports that Unite were going to be offering unemployed people a chance to join their trade…

Placards at today's TUC anti-austerity march. Picture: Getty

Red Ed’s sponsored walk

20 October 2012 12:13

At Prime Minister’s Questions this week, David Cameron referred to today’s TUC rally as the ‘most expensive sponsored walk in…

Unite plans to set up a nationwide network of credit unions to stave off payday lenders. Picture: Getty

Credit where credit’s due for Unite’s payday lender challenge

17 October 2012 17:39

Coffee House isn’t always the greatest friend of the trade unions, but one union made a striking announcement today which…

Robert Halfon with David Cameron. Picture: Press Association

Conservative conference: Robert Halfon admits: ‘I envy socialists’

8 October 2012 14:11

The Conservative leadership is just starting to tap in to the idea that the next election will be about the…

Delegates try to attract Ed Miliband's attention at the Labour party conference. Picture: Press Association.

Labour conference: Ed Miliband will attend TUC anti-austerity demo

3 October 2012 17:47

If we learnt nothing else from this afternoon’s question-and-answer session that Ed Miliband held with delegates, it’s that Labour delegates…

Labour conference: Len McCluskey perks up delegates

1 October 2012 12:25

Labour delegates were clearly out late last night, as it took them quite a while to get going this morning.…

Ben Bradshaw was one of the MPs who dismissed an attack on Progress by trade union leader Len McCluskey today. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Blairite cuckoos hit back at ‘dodo’ union bosses

30 September 2012 20:18

The Blairite cuckoos so despised by the trade union bosses started singing this evening. After learning that Unite general secretary…

Israel is losing the battle in Britain

14 September 2012 17:02

The simplest way to react to the madder pronouncements of the trade union movement is to dismiss it as so…

Brendan Barber attacked politicians' faith in the private sector today. Picture: Getty.

Where Brendan Barber has a point

10 September 2012 15:42

Brendan Barber’s last speech as General Secretary to the annual TUC Congress in Brighton made a salient point about what…

Pay study embarrasses teaching unions

22 August 2012 15:55

The teaching unions like to dismiss talk of introducing regional pay to the public sector as a plan that will…

Unqualified teachers haven’t ‘irreparably damaged’ the private sector: why do state schools deserve anything different?

27 July 2012 17:59

The furore surrounding the news – which James broke on Coffee House this afternoon – that academies will now be able…

Olympic strike averted

25 July 2012 12:19

The PCS decision to call off the strike scheduled for tomorrow lessens the chances of a logistical nightmare of a…

Obstruction overruled

21 June 2012 17:15

The Spectator’s Schools Revolution conference is being held on Tuesday next week. One of the speakers, Mark Lehain, writes below…

Why are the unions frightened?

18 June 2012 19:00

Labour has only ever won a general election from the autumn of 1974 onwards when its leader has been called…

Miliband’s union problems deepen

18 June 2012 15:30

Ed Miliband must be livid. He has a sizeable lead in the polls, has taken ground on the economy and…