Trade Unions

Len McCluskey: Fine to reform Labour’s union link, but I want more power

24 July 2013 15:25

Today’s broadcast from Len McCluskey Land was always going to be fun. For those of us who only lived through…

Ed Miliband announcing reforms to his party's relationship with the trade unions. Picture: Getty

Ashcroft poll shows potential cost of union reforms for Labour – and the opportunity for the Tories

23 July 2013 0:09

Ed Miliband was clear yesterday when he announced that he will run a special party conference next spring to vote…

New Tory group ‘Renewal’ calls for union members to be allowed to donate their affiliation fee to any party

14 July 2013 18:55

The Conservative party hasn’t won a parliamentary majority for more than twenty years. If it is to start doing so…

The workers united, will never be out-eaten

11 July 2013 11:05

Steerpike is back in this week’s edition of The Spectator. With union barons in the news, it’s the perfect time…

Jeremy Hunt turns on Labour over union policy influence

10 July 2013 17:29

One of David Cameron’s better lines at Prime Minister’s Questions was that the trade unions ‘buy the candidates, they buy…

Miliband’s challenge is an opportunity for the Tories to reach out to union members

10 July 2013 8:28

The warm reception to Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday was so eerily positive that it could never have lasted. Today we…

Let’s have iMembers in our parties and really change politics

9 July 2013 18:08

Ed Miliband got it right. Faced with a fiasco in Falkirk, where the trade union, Unite, attempted to fix the…

Ed Miliband’s Surprisingly Bold Plan for A New Model Labour Party

9 July 2013 16:11

Tony Blair has welcomed Ed Miliband’s “big speech” on reforming Labour’s relationship with its Trade Union backers. And so has…

If Labour is to be democratised, Ed Miliband must reform how his party chooses its leader

9 July 2013 15:29

By insisting that trade unionists must opt-in to party membership, Ed Miliband has taken a bold and brave first step…

Ed Miliband is back on the front foot, for now at least

9 July 2013 13:42

There was a point in Ed Miliband’s speech on a ‘better politics’ where it became clear that for the rest…

Ed Miliband’s speech on reforming Labour’s relationship with trade unions: full text

9 July 2013 12:14

Let me start by saying how pleased I am to be here at the St Bride’s Foundation. Only a few…

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey. Picture: Getty

Who owns Labour? Unite turns on the Right

9 July 2013 8:28

Ed Miliband’s speech today isn’t an attempt to close down the row over Falkirk, but to get back on top…

Ed Miliband’s ‘Clause IV moment’: what you need to know

8 July 2013 22:50

Ed Miliband is giving a speech tomorrow morning on ‘the biggest Labour party reforms for a generation’ to shake up…

Ed Miliband watching today's Wimbledon final. Perhaps his thoughts were on another set of problems. Picture: Getty

Ed Miliband prepares for his most testing week yet

7 July 2013 21:03

While the Tories bask in the glory of Abu Qatada’s deportation, the progress of James Wharton’s Private Member’s Bill, and…

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey. Picture: Getty

‘Who governs Labour?’ is perfect new Tory attack line on Miliband’s weakness

2 July 2013 10:04

A row in Labour over union influence that doesn’t benefit the Tories in some way is as rare as hen’s…

Doctors pass motion of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt. Good.

24 June 2013 14:09

The health service that employs you is under more scrutiny than ever before, with shocking cases of bad care, ‘never…

This poster is why Number 10 is so confident Clegg will stay solid on union curbs

6 June 2013 12:46

Given all the coalition tensions over Clegg supposedly reneging on his promise to back childcare reform, it is surprising how…

Lobbying Bill: Govt tries to solve one problem by tackling another

3 June 2013 17:04

This morning, the government’s plans for a register of lobbyists were ‘ongoing’. This afternoon, they’re well on their way to…

Boris Johnson wants the government to take a tough line with trade unions. Picture: Getty

How can the Tories work with trade unions?

21 April 2013 17:57

In the latest instalment of WWTD? Boris Johnson has called for ‘Thatcherite zeal’ from the government in standing up to…

Michael Gove has given schools guidance on performance-related pay for teachers. And the unions aren't happy. Picture: Getty

Michael Gove the evil overlord strikes again

16 April 2013 18:08

Michael Gove is at it again. Today he’s taken it upon himself to ‘heap further misery’ onto teachers with ‘reckless’…