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The interesting histories behind the Rathbones and Smith & Williamson merger

25 August 2017 13:15

The proposed marriage of two mid-sized wealth managers, Rathbone Brothers and Smith & Williamson, has not made City pulses race.…

Jane Austen finds a surprising fan in the Bank of England’s Mark Carney

20 July 2017 12:32

Winchester Cathedral, where Jane Austen was laid to rest 200 years ago this week, was the venue chosen for the…

The debt elephant in the middle class sitting room

30 June 2017 10:00

At some point in the last ten years, since the financial crisis (for that life-changing decade is an anniversary we…

How to beat villa holiday scams

29 June 2017 10:00

There’s been a surge in fake villa rental websites setting up since January, with fraudsters targeting properties listed on the…

Who is most at risk of identity theft? The answer might surprise you

28 June 2017 11:47

If asked, who would you say are the type of people most vulnerable to identity theft? The young and transient,…

Executive pay: Nationwide Building Society makes a retrograde move

27 June 2017 12:28

Let’s not beat around the mulberry bush. Nationwide Building Society is a force for good in the murky world of…

Best Buys: Two-Year Fixed Rate Bonds

23 June 2017 12:27

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Two-Year Fixed Rate Bonds.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

22 June 2017 13:41

Once upon a time, there lived a very bored (but exceptionally diligent) paralegal. Everyday she would head to the office…


The price of being single

21 June 2017 13:06

The average cost of attending a wedding is £800 per couple, according to a press release from Nationwide which landed…

Don’t be apathetic – take charge of your savings

21 June 2017 12:14

It’s obvious to see how far cash savings have fallen over the years and how increasingly difficult it is to…

Spend your pension pot wisely

20 June 2017 11:01

There was an almighty hoo-ha when George Osborne introduced pension freedoms. In the biggest change to pensions in a generation,…

How to avoid a holiday from hell

19 June 2017 12:25

As the UK basks in beautiful sunshine, it’s tempting to abandon all thoughts of a holiday abroad and opt for…

Home ownership fall is driving wealth inequality

19 June 2017 11:47

Consider this: 1 per cent of adults own 14 per cent of the nation’s assets. That’s some 488,000 people in ownership…


Fraud hotspots revealed by Which?

16 June 2017 10:32

Norfolk is the dating fraud capital of England and Wales, Surrey is the hotspot for investment scams, and mid-Wales suffers cold…

How to keep your dog safe from thieves

15 June 2017 11:19

Five dogs are stolen every day in the UK and only one gets reunited with its owner, according to police…

Now it’s cheaper to use your mobile phone abroad

15 June 2017 10:39

Praise be, there’s some good news on the financial front this morning. Roaming charges for the use of mobile phones…

How to navigate the information overload

14 June 2017 13:05

As humans we are endlessly called upon to make decisions based on the information we have, and we are defined…

The risks of being a modern landlord

14 June 2017 12:19

The spate of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester has made many landlords and their insurers nervous about the risks…

What the election result means for your finances

9 June 2017 13:03

Well, I don’t think anyone expected that, least of all Theresa May. As the country picks over the result of…

Best Buys: Unsecured Loans – £5,000 over three years

9 June 2017 11:57

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Unsecured Loans – £5,000 over three years.