social services

The Family Court is not fit for purpose

18 December 2017 10:00

When I agreed to serve as a magistrate in the Family Court, I thought that I would be dealing with…

To understand the causes of child abuse we need to look at its perpetrators’ backgrounds

27 August 2014 18:19

Day two of the Rotherham scandal—or rather the fallout from the latest report on it—and there’s a marked, obvious change…

The state is the worst wicked stepmother of all

31 March 2014 16:22

What a fantastically stupid idea, I thought, reading the paper this morning.  ‘Parents who fail to show love and affection…

The forced Caesarean case proves that light must be shone on social services and the courts

3 December 2013 15:03

It’s no joke, having a Caesarean, and I’ve had two. So the news that Essex County Council social services obliged…

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has attacked Rotherham Council's decision to remove children from their UKIP-voting foster parents. Picture: Getty

The prejudice on display in Rotherham

24 November 2012 15:44

There are some stories that become more shocking the more you think about them. The case of the Rotherham foster…

Children learn to bake at a Steiner school. Picture: Getty.

MPs push for more children to be taken into care

7 November 2012 10:52

As the number of inquiries into allegations of child abuse in institutions from the BBC to the NHS grows, a…