Royal wedding

Princess Eugenie’s wedding was unexpectedly heartwarming

12 October 2018 12:44

In the final volume of his collected letters, Patrick Leigh Fermor recalls watching the wedding of Princess Anne in 1973…

The genius of constitutional monarchy

22 May 2018 15:41

George Orwell famously wrote that an English intellectual would rather be caught stealing from the poorbox than be seen standing…

The royal wedding exposed the media’s tokenism

21 May 2018 12:11

I was lucky (or unlucky, depending on your sensibilities) to be in a prime spot for Saturday’s royal wedding. Wearing…

This year’s other Royal Wedding

30 July 2011 18:14

Coffee House congratulations to Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, who were married in Edinburgh today. Footage via ConservativeHome:

A model for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

1 May 2011 16:13

With the newspapers still full of Royal Wedding pictures, I thought I’d draw CoffeeHousers’ attention to something remarkable: a visit…

A princely marriage

29 April 2011 18:38

There are some things that Britain does better than any country in the world, and we saw one of them…

The Royal Wedding around the world

29 April 2011 18:13

So we’ve seen the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. How was the Royal Wedding celebrated – by expats and locals alike…

From the archives: the marriage of Charles and Diana

29 April 2011 16:54

It is just under thirty years since Prince William’s parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, were themselves married…

The Royal Wedding: across the web

29 April 2011 16:18

Here is a selection of articles on the Royal Wedding from around the web. For those, like me, who wouldn’t…

Street party … in Tirana

29 April 2011 15:41

Wedding-themed street parties are underway not only in Britain, but wherever Brits are living. I’m in Tirana in Albania where…

Hain puts his foot in it

29 April 2011 13:09

Crude politics has intruded on the Royal Wedding after all, and all courtesy of Peter Hain. The Shadow Welsh Secretary…

The vows

29 April 2011 12:16

Downing Street celebrates the Royal Wedding

29 April 2011 10:36

Forgive the hazy quality, but here’s a photograph of the gathering street party outside No.10:

A day when politics is not the story

29 April 2011 9:04

This, it has to be said, is not much of a day for politics. Although the world’s laser-like attention will…

The Royal Wedding (extended expat version)

28 April 2011 20:37

Last month, dressed as a town crier, the head of the British Club in Singapore, Sean Boyle, visited the offices…

The Royal Wedding by numbers

28 April 2011 12:49

I know, I know, it’s deeply unromantic to anticipate tomorrow’s Royal Wedding through the prism of opinion polling. But as…

Ed Miliband will hire tails for the Royal Wedding

21 April 2011 9:44

If you’re fed up with stories about what politicians will wear to the Royal nuptials, look away now — for…

Cameron takes it to the councils

11 April 2011 15:46

Ignore what your council is telling you. So says no less a personage than the Prime Minister of our country,…

Protecting the silent majority – and the Royal Wedding

13 January 2011 16:39

David Cameron made significant waves yesterday both at Prime Minister’s Questions and in a Sun article about reforming Britain’s antiquated…