Roman Catholicism

The great ‘adventure story’ of British Catholicism

19 March 2017 11:00

Roy Hattersley would never have been born had it not been that his mother ran away with the parish priest…

After the Pope’s Synod-on-family fiasco, let’s judge Catholicism on Catholic terms

19 October 2014 22:29

The Church’s extraordinary Synod on the family hasn’t gone down terribly well with secular pundits. It’s been billed as a…

A day of four popes: John Paul II and John XXIII canonised

27 April 2014 19:30

To have one pope canonise another is remarkable; to have two popes canonise two popes (well, one was looking on…

The political class’s new phobia: big families

5 April 2013 14:38

After almost a week of media breast-beating about the Philpott case, a creepy consensus is emerging over benefits for children. Bernard…

Already, Pope Francis is the victim of cheap journalistic smears

14 March 2013 14:06

So the new Pope was ‘cosy with dictators’, according to the papers. The only sources for that assertion seem to…

Pope Francis I appears for the first time. Picture: Getty

What can we expect from Pope Francis?

13 March 2013 21:51

Some striking facts about Pope Francis. Fact one: the Cardinals have elected a 76-year-old with only one lung. This undermines…

White smoke in Rome: Cardinals have picked the new Pope. Picture: Getty

Breaking: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is the new Pope

13 March 2013 19:15

Oh, my God. It’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who everybody thought was past it. It’s commonly thought that he came second…

Papal Conclave: would a result today mean Angelo Scola is Pope?

13 March 2013 14:30

White smoke from the Vatican this afternoon may signal that the new Pope is Cardinal Angelo Scola. But the longer…

Will be the next Pope will be an Angelo?

3 March 2013 19:23

Some wag has gone around Rome putting up spoof ‘Vota Turkson’ posters. This is a reference to the Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson, who…

Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s prayers

26 February 2013 9:48

As the late Christopher Hitchens used to say of the most vociferous, gay-obsessed clergy: ‘I have a rule of thumb…

There is a rumour in Rome that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by a 'gay mafia'. Picture: Getty

Take the Vatican ‘Gay Mafia’ talk with a pinch of holy salt – for now

22 February 2013 22:26

A rather feverish mood around the Vatican today: La Repubblica’s sensational splash suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by…

Pope Benedict XVI celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass earlier today. Picture: Getty

How Pope Benedict’s wisdom was often lost in translation

13 February 2013 22:31

The pope made his first public appearance since his resignation today, before putting ashes on the foreheads of pilgrims for…

Pope Benedict on a visit to New York in 2008. Under Benedict, the power of America in the Holy See has increased dramatically. Picture: Getty

A New York pontiff? Why I’m betting on Cardinal Timothy Dolan to be the new pope

11 February 2013 13:54

It’s got to be an African, hasn’t it? That’s what editors, including my esteemed boss, are saying across the country…

On the Pope’s visit

16 September 2010 13:22

The Pope, as I’m sure you know, has touched down in Britain. Here, for CoffeeHousers, is the editorial on his…