Richard III

Today’s reburial wasn’t about Richard III. It was about Benedict Cumberbatch

26 March 2015 15:07

We should have known it. Today’s reburial isn’t about Richard III. It’s about Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn’t everything these days, somehow…

Why are people venerating Richard III? He was a murderous tyrant

24 March 2015 13:43

Imagine if the body of a notorious child killer was exhumed and that, during the week of its reinterment, 35,000…

Richard III should be reburied under Leicester council’s car park

5 February 2013 14:00

Anyone who watched last night’s Channel 4 Documentary Richard III: The King Under the Car Park will need no reminding…

Denis Podalydes plays Richard III. Picture: Getty.

Richard III: a ceremony fit for a king?

19 September 2012 10:20

Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP and historian, explains the plans already in place for the burial of Richard III. I, here,…

The site in Leicester where a skeleton that researchers believe could be British medieval king Richard III was found. Picture: Getty.

MP calls for state funeral for Richard III

14 September 2012 11:22

Chris Skidmore, the Tory MP and Tudor historian, has tabled an early day motion calling for a full state funeral…

Richard III should be buried in the north

13 September 2012 10:43

History is written by the victors. So Richard III might have anticipated that his death at Bosworth Field in 1485,…