Tories open 17-point lead over Labour, in post-conference poll

10 October 2016 15:12

Today’s ICM poll makes grim reading for Labour MPs. The poll – based on samples taken from Friday to Sunday – shows that…

Pollster finds Labour level-pegging with the Tories. Pollster panics.

14 March 2016 16:56

Look! All this sniping at Jeremy Corbyn is wrong and now we have proof. The Labour leader is not in…

Public backs David Cameron on Syrian airstrikes, according to new poll

18 November 2015 9:01

The terrorist attacks in Paris appear to have shifted public attitudes on both refugees and airstrikes. According to a new poll from…

New poll puts No ahead in the Scottish referendum campaign

10 September 2014 20:19

Tonight brings the first morale boost for the No campaign in a wee while, a Daily Record poll has them…

Cheery silly season puts Tories on even keel

13 August 2013 9:21

Even if Help to Buy is contributing to a bubble rather than the sensible restructuring of the economy that politicians…

Maria Hutchings and Grant Shapps campaigning in Eastleigh. Picture: PA

Tory poll weaknesses show why an Eastleigh win is so important

11 February 2013 15:13

The latest ICM poll for The Guardian is interesting because it highlights the weakness in both the Tory and Labour…