Peston on Sunday

Sunday shows round-up: David Davis says a leadership contest would be catastrophic for Brexit talks

25 June 2017 18:11

David Davis – Leadership contest would be ‘catastrophic’ for Brexit negotiations After a tough few weeks for Theresa May, and…

Sunday political interviews round-up: Carswell, Farage, Rudd and Corbyn

26 March 2017 17:48

Douglas Carswell: Why I won’t call a by-election On the Sunday Politics, the Clacton MP said: ‘I’m not submitting myself…

Robert Peston calls for an end to ‘vicious and vindictive’ interviews

4 May 2016 9:46

This Sunday marks the debut of Robert Peston’s new ITV politics show. Peston on Sunday is set out to rival the BBC’s…