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Jon Cruddas revealed that he has commissioned a work programme to develop Labour's own vision of he Big Society. Picture: Getty.

Labour’s Jon Cruddas: I’m a conservative

23 September 2013 21:20

Why does the right like Labour’s Jon Cruddas so much? Because he’s actually a conservative. He’s just admitted as much…

Ed Miliband tries to make friends

9 July 2013 17:09

Ed Miliband struggled to reach ‘the journalistic community’ at his big speech and press conference today. ‘Where’s Sky, ah there,…

Can Ed Miliband dodge the ‘weak’ tag?

8 July 2013 18:12

When a political party repeatedly uses an attack line it is nearly always because their polling shows that it works.…

David Cameron launching the Tory election campaign today. Picture: Getty

Tories keen to exploit Labour’s Southern Discomfort in local elections

19 April 2013 14:49

David Cameron’s local election kick-off speech today notably contained no reference to UKIP, but 12 mentions of Labour. The Conservative…

Labour’s southern mission

21 February 2013 18:49

How can Labour win back voters in the South East? At the 2010 general election, Labour took ten southern seats…

Ed Miliband buries New Labour. Again.

12 January 2013 13:15

If you didn’t like New Labour much, then you have something in common with Ed Miliband — who appears to…