North of England

Add to Miliband’s worries: Can Ukip go after Labour in Scotland?

14 October 2014 15:32

Scottish Ukip MEP David Coburn has been shouting off, as his way, about his party’s prospects north of the border…

One Yorkshireman’s commendable bid for freedom

13 February 2014 9:14

Richard Milburn, a burglar, broke out of Kirkham Prison near Preston because he was sick to the back teeth of…

Our Fracking Friends in the North

2 August 2013 15:20

An old Washington cliche has it that a gaffe is what happens when a politician inadvertently blurts out the truth or, in…

Housing: the south's difficulty is the north's opportunity - Spectator Blogs

10 January 2013 18:44

Three cheers for Isabel’s post on the difficulties Nick Boles faces in pushing through his plans to make is slightly…

Kelvin MacKenzie argued yesterday that the South should stop subsidising the North. Picture: Getty

Don’t set different parts of the UK against each other

4 December 2012 11:44

Kelvin MacKenzie made what I assume is a tongue-in-cheek plea for the formation of a ‘Southern party’ in the Telegraph…