mid-term review

Nick Clegg and David Cameron at their last Coalition relaunch. Picture: Getty

How the mid-term review didn’t quite hit the spot

11 January 2013 9:28

Bearing in mind that the mid-term review was originally conceived as means of boosting Coalition morale after the collapse of…

David Cameron and Nick Clegg on a visit to a school. This week the Coalition didn't do a great job at marking its own homework. Picture: Getty

The coalition’s half-time score

10 January 2013 16:42

Yesterday, the coalition released its mid-term self-assessment, comparing the commitments made in its Programme for Government back in May 2010…

PMQs sketch: Labour unleashes Operation Starving Kiddie

9 January 2013 17:33

Seemed a good idea at the time. Ed Miliband decided that the progress report published by the Coalition is a…

Want to know what progress the government has made since the days of the Rose Garden? Its pledge audit might not help you. Picture: PA

Secret audit of Coalition pledges offers few clues on progress

9 January 2013 15:28

Finally, the copper-bottomed, unvarnished Programme for Government Update, aka the Secret Audit, has landed. You can read the full document…

PMQs: Leaders trade dull insults as Andrew Mitchell holds court

9 January 2013 13:37

No one could call today’s PMQs illuminating. Ed Miliband led on the whole embarrassment of a Downing Street aide being…

Copper-bottoming the Coalition

9 January 2013 12:03

Number 10 officials have been working on the mid-term review since the autumn, with what the Prime Minister’s spokesman described…

David Cameron and Nick Clegg didn't mention a hitherto unpublished list of 70 missed pledges when they launched the Mid-Term Review on Monday. Picture: Getty

Unpublished Mid-Term Review annex acknowledges Coalition failures

9 January 2013 8:58

The Coalition’s decision to publish a Mid-Term review reminded some of Tony Blair’s ill-fated annual reports, which strangely stopped appearing…

Peers will vote on the boundary reforms in the next two weeks. Picture: Getty

Is the boundary Black Swan dead?

8 January 2013 13:03

One of the amusing inclusions in yesterday’s otherwise anodyne Mid-Term review document was the promise that the government ‘will provide…

David Cameron and Nick Clegg announcing the Mid-Term Review today. Picture: Getty

Briefing: What does the Mid-Term Review say the Government is going to do?

7 January 2013 18:03

The coalition has worked very hard, taken tough decisions, worked in the long-term interest of the country for short-term political…

David Cameron reads blog comments

7 January 2013 17:37

The Cameron/Clegg press conference did not teach us very much — save that the chemistry between the two is as…

Fisking the coalition’s deficit-reduction boast

7 January 2013 17:10

‘We have reduced the deficit by a quarter in just two years’ — the coalition’s mid-term review. True. But when…

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have released the foreword to the Mid-Term Review document. Picture: Getty

David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s joint foreword to the Mid-Term Review

7 January 2013 8:26

Two and a half years ago, our parties came together in the national interest and formed a coalition at a…

Today's mid-term review press conference will be a far cry from the Rose Garden in 2010. Picture: Press Association

While the Coalition celebrates proalition, the two parties are still making their differences public

7 January 2013 8:20

The Coalition reaches its proalition peak today with the publication of the mid-term review, but Downing Street strategists are keen…

Danny Alexander's call for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions has received the backing of the Centre for Policy Studies. Picture: Getty

The coalition’s next big test

8 December 2012 12:59

With the political dust settling from the autumn statement, attention in Whitehall is turning to the mid-term review. The mid-term…