Mansion tax

Estate agents find elections may be good for business

21 April 2015 16:03

Last week the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors warned that uncertainty over the mansion tax has caused property prices to rise…

Look at this cheap trick the Tories tried to play on me

30 March 2015 11:24

‘Mansion Tax Revaluation Information’, said the letter that came through my letterbox, in an envelope that screamed ‘council’ or ‘taxman’…

Britain already has the world’s highest property tax. Why do we need a Mansion Tax?

16 February 2015 8:06

To listen to the debate about Labour’s prospective Mansion Tax, you’d think that the UK didn’t have any wealth or…

Are the Blairites sitting comfortably for Labour’s election campaign?

20 January 2015 18:26

Lord Mandelson likes to think he knows a thing or two about Labour winning elections. So it’s odd that the…

Myleene Klass attacks Ed Miliband’s ‘sexy’ mansion tax

18 November 2014 11:47

Myleene Klass had a bit of a go at Ed Miliband last night when she appeared next to the Labour…

Tax Freedom Day is a reminder of the choice in 2015: high tax Labour, low tax Conservatives

28 May 2014 14:02

Tax Freedom Day, which falls today, is cause for celebration. It marks the point in the calendar when someone’s income…

Tax cuts R us! Ten points from David Cameron’s Marr interview

29 September 2013 12:43

Here’s what jumped out at me from David Cameron’s interview with Andrew Marr in Manchester this morning: Tax cuts: the…

We haven’t heard the last of the mansion tax

28 September 2013 12:52

In Manchester this week, there’ll be much talk from the Tories about how they are gunning for a majority. But…

Vince Cable remained mysterious for as long as possible on how the Lib Dems would vote on the mansion tax. Picture: Getty

How the Coalition neutered Ed Balls’ mansion tax vote

12 March 2013 15:07

The mansion tax – sorry, ‘tax fairness’ – debate is still rumbling on in the Commons, and Labour are trying…

Tories and Lib Dems strike deal on mansion tax vote

9 March 2013 16:58

Further to Isabel’s post this morning, I understand from a senior coalition source that the two parties have now reached…

Lib Dems to hold mansion tax vote strategy meeting

9 March 2013 10:44

Will the Lib Dems support Labour’s mansion tax vote? Vince Cable praised his pet policy idea last night, telling Lib…

Vince Cable has already indicated he might be minded to vote with Labour and against the Tories in an Opposition Day vote on the mansion tax. Picture: Getty

Labour courts Lib Dem support with mansion tax motion

8 March 2013 14:40

Labour is still pursuing its mansion tax vote, with the debate set for next Tuesday. It’s a clever piece of…

Labour could use Budget legislation to force mansion tax vote

20 February 2013 11:06

Labour’s current plan to embarrass the Lib Dems over its clothes-stealing mansion tax policy is an Opposition Day debate in…

Lib Dems get worked up about a vote that doesn’t matter

20 February 2013 9:01

It seems I rather underestimated Labour when I said their forthcoming Opposition Day vote on the mansion tax would be…

The taxing question Labour can’t answer

17 February 2013 13:13

The details of Labour’s mansion tax proposal remain, to put it politely, sketchy. Here’s the exchange between Andrew Neil and…

Ed Miliband has announced he's going to force a Commons vote on the mansion tax. Picture: Getty

Labour’s mansion tax debate won’t be a crunch vote (or very interesting)

16 February 2013 10:59

So Labour is going to force a vote in the House of Commons on the mansion tax. It’s the key…

Ed Miliband pledged to restore the 10p tax band. Picture: Carla Millar

Labour’s Valentine’s policy gimmick

14 February 2013 13:07

At long last, Ed Miliband delivered us a Valentine’s Day present that everyone in the political world has been waiting…

Lord Oakeshott criticised the decision to leave a mansion tax out of the Autumn Statement.

Autumn Statement: Lord Oakeshott claims George Osborne dances to donors’ tune

5 December 2012 17:40

The Liberal Democrats are keen to use today to show that Coalition works, but Lord Oakeshott is in a less charitable…

Vince Cable appears to be lobbying his colleague the Chancellor in public for a mansion tax which George Osborne has already ruled out. Picture: Getty

Vince Cable continues public campaign for a mansion tax

15 October 2012 21:02

Perhaps Vince Cable wasn’t listening to the bit in George Osborne’s speech at the Tory conference last week where the…

Lib Dems push Treasury on mansion tax

21 August 2012 15:32

The Treasury’s consultation on taxing residential property transactions closes this Thursday, and the Liberal Democrats are using it to push…