Lord Rennard

Lord Rennard’s call for House of Lords reform backfires

8 September 2015 10:12

In this year’s dissolution honours, the Liberal Democrats were awarded 11 peerages, three more than their total number of MPs. Since this brought…

Lib Dems reinstate Lord Rennard and drop disciplinary process

19 August 2014 21:29

The Lib Dems are not taking any disciplinary action against Lord Rennard and have reinstated his membership, the party said…

Lord Rennard sets out legal threat to Lib Dems

10 February 2014 15:54

Just when the Lib Dems thought the Lord Rennard row had calmed down, the peer announces that his lawyers have…

Podcast: Islam’s 30 year war, Westminster’s wandering hands and the Tories’ NHS legacy

23 January 2014 9:00

Is the Sunni-Shia conflict in the Middle East making a new great war ever more likely? On this week’s podcast,…

Will the women apologise to Rennard?

21 January 2014 9:28

Well done Lord Rennard for not saying sorry. I thought at first that he should, just to get the whole…

Lord Rennard (right) with Ming Campbell at a Lib Dem conference. Picture: Getty

Rennard row weakens Lib Dem ‘we make govt better’ line

21 January 2014 8:58

It’s been a while since the Liberal Democrats commanded quite so much media attention or quite so much space on…

Lib Dems: Rennard will not get the whip back and faces new investigation

20 January 2014 14:36

As the bell announcing the afternoon sittings in Parliament rang across Westminster, the Lib Dems  announced that Lord Rennard will…

Nick Clegg begins to flex muscles over Rennard

17 January 2014 19:27

Nick Clegg has in the past few minutes made clear that unless Lord Rennard apologises for his behaviour towards women…

Senior Lib Dem ‘quite happy’ for Rennard to re-join the gang

16 January 2014 14:58

Evan Harris, the former Lib Dem MP turned Hacked Off campaigner, told the Daily Politics that he was ‘quite happy’…

Lib Dem sexual harassment report: what you need to know

12 June 2013 16:30

Helena Morrissey has published her report on the allegations of sexism in the Liberal Democrats triggered by the Lord Rennard…

Liberal Democrat spinners spin away the past

27 March 2013 15:04

A conundrum for ambitious Liberal Democrats who have seen their CVs blighted by the scandal surrounding former party Chief Executive…

Lib Dem activists keep up pressure on sexism

9 March 2013 15:55

The Lib Dem leadership has been trying its best this weekend to address the Lord Rennard allegations. I understand Tim…

Shirley Williams said this evening that Nick Clegg was 'above all the victim' of the media's coverage of the Lord Rennard scandal. Picture: Getty

Shirley Williams: Nick Clegg is above all the victim of the Rennard scandal coverage

8 March 2013 21:59

A crime reporter friend enjoys telling the story of his first black eye at the local Magistrates’ Court. Like so…

The Lib Dems are paying the price for their time in opposition

28 February 2013 17:27

The Liberal Democrats have been beset by scandal in government. First there was the resignation of David Laws. Then there…

Dealing with ‘inappropriate behaviour’

28 February 2013 14:05

How should you deal with lechery? In this week’s Spectator, Rod Liddle and Hugo Rifkind detail two instances of ‘inappropriate…

The View from 22 — Carry on Westminster, Lib Dem growing pains and Vatican scandals

28 February 2013 8:55

Is ‘inappropriate behaviour’ simply a way of life in Westminster? Following on from the Lord Rennard-Lib Dems allegations, Julie Bindel…

Nick Clegg answering questions on LBC Radio this morning.

Nick Clegg: Lord Rennard allegations were in the background when he stepped down

27 February 2013 10:36

Nick Clegg’s head is spinning, apparently, now that quite so many media outlets are involved in pursuing the allegations about…

Lord Rennard (right) with Ming Campbell at a Lib Dem conference. Picture: Getty

Exclusive: Lord Rennard’s behaviour concerned Lib Dem staff in 2011

27 February 2013 8:38

The Lib Dems say Danny Alexander spoke to Lord Rennard when ‘indirect and non-specific concerns’ about inappropriate behaviour reached Nick…

Nick Clegg is annoyed with 'self-appointed detectives' examining the Lord Rennard allegations. Funny, that. Picture: Getty

In praise of self-appointed detectives

26 February 2013 20:23

So Nick Clegg is annoyed with those ‘self-appointed detectives’ who are ‘trying to piece together events that happened many years…

The Lib Dems have not taken decisive action on the Rennard scandal. Picture: Getty

Crisis handling the Lib Dem way

26 February 2013 14:55

For the Liberal Democrats, the Rennard affair was bad enough, particularly blowing up in the middle of the Eastleigh by-election;…