Wonga’s been dealt a knockout blow. So what now?

31 August 2018 11:41

After an eerily quiet year, payday loans are back in the headlines. The speedy demise of Wonga has sent shockwaves…

If payday loans are evil why can’t we come up with anything better?

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24 March 2017 10:39

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Five-Year and Over Fixed Rate Residential Mortgages.

Best Buys: Unsecured Personal Loans

10 March 2017 11:01

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Unsecured Personal Loans.

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23 December 2016 10:00

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Parents shoulder the burden of university costs for their children

22 September 2016 11:39

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