Lib Dem Spring Conference 2013

Coalition negotiations on childcare tax break near conclusion

10 March 2013 12:06

Jo Swinson’s speech to the Lib Dem spring conference highlighted her again as a confident performer who has higher to…

Clegg plays tough guy in shouty Q&A with Lib Dem activists

9 March 2013 17:28

Nick Clegg has just battled his way through a rather more grumpy than usual question-and-answer session at the Lib Dem…

Tories and Lib Dems strike deal on mansion tax vote

9 March 2013 16:58

Further to Isabel’s post this morning, I understand from a senior coalition source that the two parties have now reached…

Lib Dem activists keep up pressure on sexism

9 March 2013 15:55

The Lib Dem leadership has been trying its best this weekend to address the Lord Rennard allegations. I understand Tim…

Vince Cable has been vocal about protecting his department's budget from further cuts. But he hasn't succeeded in doing so, unlike his Tory colleagues. Picture: Getty

Vince Cable: Tory ‘ideologues’ waging ‘jihad’ against public spending

9 March 2013 10:36

Vince Cable managed to hit all the Lib Dem spots last night with his fringe speech at the Lib Dem…

Shirley Williams said this evening that Nick Clegg was 'above all the victim' of the media's coverage of the Lord Rennard scandal. Picture: Getty

Shirley Williams: Nick Clegg is above all the victim of the Rennard scandal coverage

8 March 2013 21:59

A crime reporter friend enjoys telling the story of his first black eye at the local Magistrates’ Court. Like so…

Vince Cable has already indicated he might be minded to vote with Labour and against the Tories in an Opposition Day vote on the mansion tax. Picture: Getty

Labour courts Lib Dem support with mansion tax motion

8 March 2013 14:40

Labour is still pursuing its mansion tax vote, with the debate set for next Tuesday. It’s a clever piece of…

Norman Lamb

Lib Dems avoid conference grief on NHS

5 March 2013 16:29

Norman Lamb’s announcement today that the government will re-write regulations on competition in the NHS seals up one source of…