Liam Byrne

Cameron has created a socialist utopia for pensioners

22 June 2015 12:33

On the radio this morning, a campaigner from the Child Poverty Action Group had an ’emperor’s new clothes’ moment. Why…

Liam Byrne’s burger flip

24 June 2014 11:08

‘As someone who started work behind a fry station in McDonald’s, I know that any job is better than no…

Tristram Hunt with fellow rising stars Gloria de Piero and Emma Reynolds. Picture: Getty

Labour lurched towards honesty in its reshuffle

8 October 2013 7:38

Labour types are pretty grumpy that yesterday’s far-reaching reshuffle of their ranks is being billed as another ‘lurch to the…

Image: Carla Millar

Liam Byrne’s vulture strategy

5 September 2013 20:45

David Aaronovitch’s furious Times column this morning described Ed Miliband as a vulture, swooping down on problems caused by this…

Welfare failures that are costing us dear

21 August 2013 21:20

I’m told there’s a joke that does the round in Whitehall, that to err is human, but if you really…

Liam Byrne’s pitch to keep hold of his job

21 August 2013 17:15

It can hardly be a coincidence that one of the few Labour figures to bother giving a speech on policy…

Liam Byrne changes tack to say benefit cap isn’t tough enough

15 July 2013 10:59

Liam Byrne’s attack on the workless benefit cap this morning is interesting, because he’s trying to position himself as tougher…

Why Universal Credit delay is a good thing, not a political failure

11 July 2013 17:06

‘Iain Duncan Smith must now ask himself if he is fit for purpose.’ That’s what Liam Byrne thinks of the…

David Laws fires first shot in Lib Dems’ anti-Labour offensive

24 June 2013 16:30

David Laws’ decision to hand Liam Byrne’s infamous ‘there’s no money’ note to ITV  is intriguing. It suggests that the…

David Cameron sings the good jobs news, but can Labour deal with green shoots?

12 June 2013 18:00

There was plenty for David Cameron to sing about at today’s PMQs when it came to the ONS’ latest labour…

Liam Byrne has been making noises about a contributory principle in welfare. Picture: Getty

Liam Byrne tries to answer Labour’s welfare question

7 April 2013 14:00

One can’t help but feel sorry for Liam Byrne. He is a fish out of water in Ed Miliband’s Labour…

Liam Byrne and most of the Labour party abstained on a vote on work experience sanctions. Picture: PA

Labour’s frontbench gets a taste of the welfare battles to come

19 March 2013 18:45

The Commons this evening approved emergency regulations for the government’s work experience programme so the DWP can avoid repaying benefits…

Andrew George has tabled a series of amendments to the welfare uprating bill. Picture: PA

Lib Dems and Labour to push for changes to benefits uprating bill

14 January 2013 15:16

Round two of the row over rises in benefit payments is on the way, with Lib Dems and opposition parties…

Liam Byrne has been making noises about a contributory principle in welfare. Picture: Getty

The next Labour welfare policy?

4 January 2013 14:35

As he was selling his party’s plan for a jobs guarantee on the airwaves today, Liam Byrne made a passing…

James Purnell tried to introduce reforms to welfare with the same principles that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are discussing today. Picture: Getty

Labour revisits old welfare ghosts with its jobs guarantee

4 January 2013 9:35

Dig out the bunting, fly the red flags in celebration, for finally we have a policy from the Labour party.…

Ed Miliband vs the working class

14 December 2012 16:37

Who’s on the side of the strivers? Is it George Osborne, who’s cutting benefits in real terms for the next…

Ed Balls, a competitive force on the football pitch, believes he is winning on the benefits argument, too. Picture: Getty

Why Ed Balls is so confident about benefit wars

14 December 2012 14:19

The debate over benefit uprating will run and run because both sides think they are winning. George Osborne thinks the…

Liam Byrne says the balance of welfare in this country is 'completely out of whack'. Picture: Getty

Liam Byrne interview: The welfare system is ‘completely out of whack’

13 December 2012 11:34

Liam Byrne is a modernising, Blairite Labour MP, and in case you were in any doubt about that, he conducts…

Vince Cable made it clear he objected to some of the language used by George Osborne about benefit claimants. Picture: Getty

The strivers vs scroungers battleground

6 December 2012 15:23

Welfare will be one of the key battlegrounds at the next general election, and George Osborne’s Welfare Uprating Bill will…

Liam Byrne tries to turn David Cameron’s striver language back on him

25 November 2012 15:01

The Leveson Inquiry will dominate this week. Inside Number 10 they regard it as ‘the most difficult’ of the three…