Lembit Opik

Lembit Öpik comes to Lord Sewel’s defence: ‘He can help to clean up Parliament’

29 July 2015 14:09

Yesterday Lord Sewel stepped down from the Lords after the Sun on Sunday published photos of the former deputy speaker snorting…

PMQs sketch: A jam for Cam but the greased piglet escaped again!

25 February 2015 17:30

That was a close one. Miliband set two traps for the PM today. One was visible. The other, far more…

Guess who’s back?

28 January 2014 15:33

You just knew Lembit would make an appearance sooner or later, didn’t you? I only noticed this morning, reading back…

Lembit twists the Clegg knife

24 February 2013 20:18

The Lord Rennard scandal is spreading, not least because of Nick Clegg’s willingness to bring in other characters. He even…

What’s Lembit up to nowadays?

7 February 2012 12:20

Why, this, of course: And that’s not him singing, in case you were wondering. Hat-tip: Guido