Labour conference 2012

Merchandise on sale at the Labour party conference. Picture: Getty

Five lessons from the Labour party conference

4 October 2012 16:33

Believe it or not, Labour’s party conference has finally ground to a halt. Here are the key lessons from the…

Ed Miliband takes part in a question-and-answer session on the NHS in Manchester. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Ed Miliband’s speech boosts his ratings

4 October 2012 15:42

Labour leave Manchester today with a 14-point poll lead over the Conservatives, according to YouGov. That’s their biggest lead in…

Labour is keen to paint Michael Gove as a pantomime villain. Picture: Carla Millar.

He’s behind you! Michael Gove is the pantomime villain who inspires Labour

4 October 2012 13:57

There was plenty of panto on the conference floor this week in Manchester. Ed Miliband encouraged delegates to boo several…

Labour conference: Stephen Twigg to launch New Deal for teachers

4 October 2012 0:01

It doesn’t seem entirely fair that Stephen Twigg’s speech has been left to the final day of the Labour conference,…

Delegates try to attract Ed Miliband's attention at the Labour party conference. Picture: Press Association.

Labour conference: Ed Miliband will attend TUC anti-austerity demo

3 October 2012 17:47

If we learnt nothing else from this afternoon’s question-and-answer session that Ed Miliband held with delegates, it’s that Labour delegates…

The test for Miliband will be whether he can bring his party with him on difficult decisions and policies the electorate wants. Picture: Getty.

Ed Miliband’s next big test as Labour leader

3 October 2012 13:56

The good thing for Labour about Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday was that he didn’t talk about the deficit, or welfare…

The coalition take on Ed Miliband’s speech

3 October 2012 12:42

Talking to senior Liberal Democrats and Conservatives about Ed Miliband’s speech, it is striking how similar their analyses of it…

The View from 22 – Labour conference special

2 October 2012 20:36

Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour conference this afternoon was undoubtably his best speech yet and has revitalised the Labour…

Ed Miliband leaves the conference hall after giving his speech this afternoon. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Great (Harvard) minds think alike

2 October 2012 19:26

Listening to Ed Miliband’s conference speech, I was stuck by the similarity of one section of it to that of…

Members of the Labour Shadow Cabinet on a visit during their party conference in Manchester. Picture: Getty

Labour conference: Miliband and Balls talk inheritances

2 October 2012 17:15

One of the more sombre passages in Ed Miliband’s barnstorming speech this afternoon was when he tackled the thorny issue…

Ed Miliband delivered his entire speech to the Labour party conference without notes. Picture: Getty

Labour conference: Ed Miliband now has a political project and a frame for his arguments

2 October 2012 16:10

Politics just got more interesting. Ed Miliband’s speech today showed why the Labour party picked him for the leadership and not his brother. It tied his background to his political project, crafting a secular version of tikkun olam in a powerful fusion of biography, populism and political clothes-stealing.

The fire brigade on call in Trumpton. Picture: Getty

Labour conference: Angela Eagle’s policy Trumpton

2 October 2012 11:08

At the very end of a rather long and wonkish fringe about Labour’s policy review last night, Angela Eagle started…

Labour conference: Ed Miliband brings his personal story to the fore

2 October 2012 8:55

Ed Miliband wants voters to see a little bit more of the man he is this conference, and his speech…

Labour conference: The stakes are raised for Miliband’s speech

1 October 2012 23:47

Ed Miliband will roam the stage as he delivers his leader’s speech. With negative polls about whether voters can see…

Ed Miliband will give his speech to the Labour party conference tomorrow afternoon. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Ed Miliband to announce big educational reforms (but won’t mention GCSEs)

1 October 2012 22:01

Each day of the Labour conference covers a different aspect of Britain that Ed Miliband wants to rebuild, and tomorrow’s…

Labour conference: Chris Bryant admits Labour’s immigration policy was flawed

1 October 2012 20:48

‘Intellectual laziness’ — that’s how Chris Bryant described the left’s bashing of the Tories’ tough stance on immigration. The shadow immigration…

Labour conference: Chuka Umunna plays good cop with trade unions

1 October 2012 17:30

Ed Balls channelled the bad cop with the trade unions this morning, warning conference that ‘there will be difficult decisions…

For those whose eyes don't meet across a crowded conference hall this week in Manchester, there's a leftwing dating site to find your perfect lefty match. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Kindling lefty love

1 October 2012 15:36

Lovelorn lefties of the world can relax. There’s finally a solution to that age-old nightmare of discovering that the person…

Jon Cruddas revealed that he has commissioned a work programme to develop Labour's own vision of he Big Society. Picture: Getty.

Labour conference: Jon Cruddas to create Labour’s own Big Society project

1 October 2012 14:53

Jon Cruddas is frightened. Not of what he describes as the ‘bloody big’ task of leading his party’s policy review,…

Labour conference: The Ed Balls two-step

1 October 2012 14:19

Ed Balls’ speech was a wide-ranging affair. It started with a tribute to the Olympics and Tessa Jowell’s role in…