Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie isn’t the one to blame in the Ross Barkley row

13 May 2017 9:00

I must protest at the Sun’s sacking of Kelvin MacKenzie. As shop steward for the small trade union of columnists…

The trial of Kelvin MacKenzie

15 April 2017 21:08

Kelvin MacKenzie’s baffling compulsion to pick at Liverpool has brought him up a cropper again, with the Sun pulling his…

Hacking Trial: the movie

5 July 2014 12:38

We may have had the verdicts and the sentences in the hacking trial, but the biggest question remains unanswered: who’s…

Kelvin MacKenzie argued yesterday that the South should stop subsidising the North. Picture: Getty

Don’t set different parts of the UK against each other

4 December 2012 11:44

Kelvin MacKenzie made what I assume is a tongue-in-cheek plea for the formation of a ‘Southern party’ in the Telegraph…

Does the South East need its own party?

3 December 2012 16:00

Kelvin MacKenzie wants a British version of the Italy’s Northern League. His aim is to have a Southern Party that…

South Yorkshire Police kick back at Kelvin MacKenzie

28 September 2012 12:55

The coppers have fought back following Kelvin MacKenzie’s revelation, contained in this week’s Spectator, that his lawyers are seeking an…