Justice and Security Bill

Allegations of cunning play over final passage of Justice and Security bill

27 March 2013 18:05

There have been angry mutterings from the backbenches today about the passage of the Justice and Security Bill last night,…

Norman Lamb

Lib Dems avoid conference grief on NHS

5 March 2013 16:29

Norman Lamb’s announcement today that the government will re-write regulations on competition in the NHS seals up one source of…

Secret courts bill: the rebels

5 March 2013 9:13

The government won all four votes on the report stage of the Justice and Security Bill last night, but there…

Ken Clarke's changes to the secret courts bill haven't left the Lib Dem grassroots overjoyed. Picture: Getty

Lib Dems prepare for conference showdown on secret courts

28 February 2013 13:35

Ken Clarke tabled a series of amendments to the Justice and Security Bill last night, aimed at getting the legislation…

Liberal Democrat members voted for a motion calling on MPs and peers to oppose the Justice and Security Bill. Picture: Getty.

Tory MPs keen for changes on secret courts bill as Lib Dem grassroots clash with Clegg

5 February 2013 17:40

The committee of MPs considering the Justice and Security Bill was sitting today, but outside the group of loyal MPs…

Senior Tory mulls changes to secret courts bill

28 January 2013 16:15

After publishing a paper highly critical of the Justice and Security Bill this morning, Andrew Tyrie is now considering making…

The secret courts bill won’t enhance justice or make us more secure

28 January 2013 12:04

‘That Britain allowed itself to be dragged into complicity in extraordinary rendition – the kidnap and torture of individuals by…

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to settle out of court

21 December 2012 15:43

Right now, there are about 60 assorted cases of people trying to sue Britain’s intelligence services. Is that because our…

Lib Dems approving a motion on secret courts at the party's autumn conference in Brighton. Picture: Getty

Ken Clarke’s concession on secret courts fails to calm Lib Dem fears

18 December 2012 18:09

Ken Clarke’s announcement that the government will accept a major House of Lords amendment to the Justice and Security Bill…

Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes will press the government to accept changes to the Justice and Security Bill. Picture: Getty

Exclusive: Senior Lib Dems push for changes to secret courts bill

4 December 2012 13:07

Senior Lib Dem MPs are deeply concerned about the government’s plans for secret courts, and will urge the government to…