Best Buys: One year fixed-rate ISAs

12 February 2019 18:05

This week’s Best Buys are one year fixed-rate ISAs. Even if you have opened one in the previous tax year,…

Best Buys: Fixed-rate cash ISAs

11 September 2018 16:36

ISAs have fallen from grace in recent years, and are now being ignored by many savers. ‘One of the biggest…

You can no longer reduce wealth inequality by taxing income

23 March 2018 13:25

This piece first appeared in The Spectator The maximum amount you can save in an ISA for the tax year…

Best Buys: One year fixed-rate ISAs

12 December 2017 17:57

Fixed rate ISAs are a good way of making sure you have some cash put to one side for a…

High street firms shun government savings programme

6 April 2017 12:07

Poor LISA. She’s all dolled up, ready to make her entrance onto the national stage and nobody wants her. She’s…

Everything you need to know about your ISA options for the new tax year

5 April 2017 11:38

It’s that time of year again when savers are repeatedly asked the same old questions: do you have an ISA,…

Best Buys: Long-Term Fixed Rate ISAs

31 March 2017 10:33

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Long-Term Fixed Rate ISAs.

Reckless conservatism: don’t blow your fortune in cash

7 April 2016 10:16

Savers are wasting a fortune by keeping their money in cash only. They may as well be burying the £735…

Could you be an ISA millionaire? Not likely

4 April 2016 9:02

‘Become an ISA millionaire in 24 years’, the press release breathlessly announced. A millionaire? In 24 years? Yes please. In…