Helen Nugent

Best Buys: Two-Year Fixed Rate Bonds

23 June 2017 12:27

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Two-Year Fixed Rate Bonds.

Spend your pension pot wisely

20 June 2017 11:01

There was an almighty hoo-ha when George Osborne introduced pension freedoms. In the biggest change to pensions in a generation,…

How to avoid a holiday from hell

19 June 2017 12:25

As the UK basks in beautiful sunshine, it’s tempting to abandon all thoughts of a holiday abroad and opt for…

Home ownership fall is driving wealth inequality

19 June 2017 11:47

Consider this: 1 per cent of adults own 14 per cent of the nation’s assets. That’s some 488,000 people in ownership…

Best Buys: Variable Rate Cash ISAs

16 June 2017 10:42

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Variable Rate Cash ISAs.


Fraud hotspots revealed by Which?

16 June 2017 10:32

Norfolk is the dating fraud capital of England and Wales, Surrey is the hotspot for investment scams, and mid-Wales suffers cold…

Now it’s cheaper to use your mobile phone abroad

15 June 2017 10:39

Praise be, there’s some good news on the financial front this morning. Roaming charges for the use of mobile phones…

What the election result means for your finances

9 June 2017 13:03

Well, I don’t think anyone expected that, least of all Theresa May. As the country picks over the result of…

Best Buys: Unsecured Loans – £5,000 over three years

9 June 2017 11:57

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Unsecured Loans – £5,000 over three years.

House prices are…staying pretty much the same

7 June 2017 12:54

Depending on which way you look at it, today’s house price data from Halifax is either good or bad news.…

Lenders punish borrowers who slip onto standard variable rates

2 June 2017 12:29

When you’ve been writing about money for a while, a few key phrases crop up again and again. But of all…

Best Buys: Easy Access Accounts (without a bonus)

2 June 2017 11:21

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Easy Access Accounts without a bonus.

People paying the highest rate of tax now at record level

1 June 2017 11:22

A record number of people are now paying the highest rate of tax thanks to wage inflation and the reduction…

Food inflation means bigger bills for shoppers

31 May 2017 11:51

Ah, butter. Salted, unsalted, English, French, garlic, spreadable, straight from the fridge – just thinking about the many forms of…

Every little helps: living near a supermarket could boost the price of your home

30 May 2017 12:46

There are three supermarkets in the small market town where I live. That’s three major chains serving just 14,000 people,…

Personal finance: where do the political parties stand?

30 May 2017 11:39

It hardly seems possible – where does the time go? – but the general election takes place next week. Following…

The political parties are not being honest about their tax and spending plans

26 May 2017 11:33

After the atrocity in Manchester on Monday night, campaigning for the general election resumes today. With just a fortnight to…

Best Buys: Remortgage Rates

26 May 2017 10:04

This week’s Best Buys, provided by Moneyfacts, are Remortgage Rates.

Economic growth revised down as inflation puts squeeze on consumer spending

25 May 2017 12:49

Is Brexit finally starting to bite? New figures released this morning show that consumer spending increased at the slowest pace since…

Don’t let cyber criminals steal your money – take steps to protect your finances

23 May 2017 13:33

It’s the modern malaise: online fraud. In a world where so many of our transactions happen over the internet, it’s…