Gay Marriage

Maria Miller holds gay marriage briefing to reassure nervous Tory MPs

11 December 2012 21:21

After giving her statement to the House of Commons on the government’s plans for gay marriage, Maria Miller held a…

Maria Miller today unveiled protections for religious institutions that don't want to conduct gay weddings. Picture: Getty

Maria Miller unveils ‘quadruple lock’ to protect churches from gay marriage court actions

11 December 2012 14:15

Maria Miller sought to assuage the fears of her backbench colleagues about the government’s plans for gay marriage today by…

Commons shadow boxing on gay marriage

10 December 2012 17:57

Today’s urgent question on gay marriage was largely shadow boxing for the statement on it, which has now been brought…

Attorney General to reject warnings of gay marriage legal challenge

10 December 2012 13:36

I understand that when the gay marriage bill is published, the Attorney General will make clear that the chance of…

A storm of nonsense: gay marriage opponents lose their wits - Spectator Blogs

10 December 2012 13:01

My word, the latest kerfuffle over gay marriage runs the gamut from dumb to dumber. Here, for instance, is Cristina…

No 10 insists churches are protected under gay marriage plans

10 December 2012 11:47

The government may be forced to explain its plans for gay marriage in the House of Commons today if an…

David Cameron addresses a Gay Pride reception in Downing Street. The Prime Minister today said he wanted to allow churches and other religious institutions to conduct same-sex marriages. Picture: Getty

David Cameron backs gay marriages in church

7 December 2012 14:05

This week marks seven years since David Cameron was elected leader of the Conservative party, and he has celebrated the…

David Cameron at a gay pride reception in Downing Street. Picture: Getty

118 Tory MPs publicly reject gay marriage plans

24 November 2012 9:52

David Cameron is planning to fast-track legislation for gay civil marriage through parliament, but today’s Daily Mail underlines that his…

Will supporting gay marriage help the Tories? It's all a matter of location, location, location. - Spectator Blogs

15 November 2012 15:34

Do pollsters and pundits actually understand how British elections work? I sometimes wonder. Take, for instance, the debate concerning whether…

George Osborne’s combination of austerity and social libertarianism is repellent

15 November 2012 10:24

George Osborne’s spirited bid in The Times (£) earlier this week  to appropriate the Obama victory for the Tories is…

Exclusive: David Cameron accused of misleading over gay marriage polling

14 November 2012 17:08

One of Britain’s leading pollsters has written to the Prime Minister to rebuke him for misleading his supporters over whether…

Race, gay marriage and modern Conservatism. Lessons for David Cameron from America. - Spectator Blogs

13 November 2012 17:10

So, we’ve had nearly a week to digest the results of the American election and contemplate what, if anything, it…

George Osborne, the insubstantial chancellor?

13 November 2012 16:00

George Osborne’s public interventions on issues other than the economy are few and far between, which is why his article…

Amidst Obama's Triumph, America Enjoys A Libertarian Moment - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 16:57

Amidst last night’s Democratic triumph and the confirmation that Obama is, in many respects, Ronald Reagan’s heir let’s not forget…

Liam Fox is one of the senior Conservatives to call for David Cameron to chase core Conservative voters. Picture: Getty.

Conservative conference: Liam Fox on what voters want

9 October 2012 22:07

As Liam Fox addressed a packed Carlton Club fringe this evening on a mezzanine floor in the ICC in Birmingham,…

Labour has indicated that its MPs will be subject to a three-line whip on gay marriage. Picture: Getty.

Labour’s three-line whip on gay marriage is illiberal

27 September 2012 17:17

Ed Miliband tells the Evening Standard today that Labour will give ‘wholehearted’ backing to gay marriage and says that churches…

Nick Clegg risked inflaming tensions in the coalition over gay marriage today when a draft of a speech containing the word 'bigot' was released to the press. Picture: Getty.

Nick Clegg: I don’t think gay marriage opponents are bigots

11 September 2012 20:19

Nick Clegg is currently eating a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream called ‘Appley Ever After’ with gay marriage campaigners celebrating…

Homophobe of the year

26 July 2012 17:30

News reaches No. 22 that rising star of the right Milo Yiannopoulos, of Catholic Herald and tech-world fame, is to…

The battle over complementarity of the sexes is already lost

14 June 2012 10:30

Today is the last day of the Government’s consultation about its gay marriage proposals. But as an editorial in the…

The View from 22 – is HS2 the rail to nowhere?

14 June 2012 9:00

Is High Speed 2 headed for the sidings? In our cover feature this week, Ross Clark examines why the ambitious…