Gay Marriage

Can Christians still have Holy Matrimony?

5 February 2013 22:52

That’s that then. Marriage will change, one way or another. Progress has won. Cue lots of right-on politicians talking about…

MPs who voted against gay marriage: full list

5 February 2013 20:26

The Press Association’s analysis of tonight’s vote on the second reading of the same-sex marriage bill found 139 Conservative MPs…

MPs wait to hear the result of the vote on the second reading of the gay marriage bill.

MPs back gay marriage, but it’s not the Tory result Cameron was hoping for

5 February 2013 20:10

More Tory MPs have voted against gay marriage than have voted for it, with initial estimates from the vote (which…

David Cameron’s gay marriage silence

5 February 2013 17:22

The Hurlingham Club hosted the Tories’ annual fundraising Black and White Ball last night. Behind closed doors, the Prime Minister…

Will the European court force churches to conduct gay weddings?

5 February 2013 17:21

Would the European Court of Human Rights force churches to conduct same-sex marriages against their will? That’s the professed fear…

MPs debating gay marriage. But where's Cameron?

Gay marriage vote: where’s Cameron?

5 February 2013 13:31

As soon as the government announced plans to bring in gay marriage, it was clear that the press was going…

David Cameron speaking to guests at a Gay Pride reception in Downing Street. Picture: Getty

Conservative MPs should think twice before voting against equal marriage

5 February 2013 12:16

Equal marriage has provoked anguished internal discussions in the Tory Party. Twenty  Association Chairmen have asked the Prime Minister to…

Iain Duncan Smith will support the same sex marriage bill today. Picture: Getty

Whips try to neutralise row over gay marriage scrutiny arrangements

5 February 2013 8:43

In the next few hours as the vote on the second reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill approaches,…

David Burrowes presenting a petition objecting to the same sex marriage bill in Downing Street last summer. Picture: Getty

Ministerial aide could defy whip on gay marriage vote

4 February 2013 15:38

Downing Street is very keen to emphasise that Tory MPs who vote against the second reading of the gay marriage…

Same-sex marriage is homophobic

4 February 2013 14:29

The current ‘Same Sex Couples Bill’ is part of a trend that supposes equality is only to be advanced by…

David Cameron is personally committed to gay marriage, but how does he persuade MPs who are wavering? Picture: Getty

No 10: No last-ditch pitch from PM on gay marriage

4 February 2013 12:37

Downing Street always knew tomorrow’s gay marriage vote was going to provoke tensions. But what’s interesting is how unsure Number…

Supporters of gay marriage protest outside the Tory conference in September. Picture: Getty

The same-sex marriage bill and religious freedom

4 February 2013 9:26

Parliament is entering the frenzied final hours leading up to the second reading of the same-sex marriage bill. MPs will…

William Hague led this afternoon's Commons debate on Europe. Picture: Getty

William Hague: Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan is where the threat to the British homeland is coming from

3 February 2013 12:29

On the Sunday Politics, William Hague confirmed that the greatest terrorist threat to the British homeland come from Somalia, Pakistan…

Theresa May will face questions when Parliament returns on the efficacy of TPIMs. Picture: Getty

More Tory splits and plots

2 February 2013 11:32

David Cameron arrived back in the UK this morning to newspapers full of talk of Conservative splits and plots. The…

David Cameron speaks at a Downing Street reception on gay marriage. Picture: Getty

Tory opponents of gay marriage meet as whipping plans upset backbenchers

30 January 2013 16:09

Tory MPs opposed to gay marriage are holding a meeting in the next hour to discuss next Tuesday’s second reading…

Why the Tory leadership thinks it can push gay marriage and boost its support among ethnic minority voters

20 January 2013 16:39

If the Tory party doesn’t improve its performance with ethnic minority voters, it’ll be nigh-on-impossible for it to win a…

David Cameron speaks at a Downing Street reception on gay marriage. Picture: Getty

High Court judge: Gay marriage is ‘wrong policy’

26 December 2012 13:41

Sir Paul Coleridge’s intervention in today’s Times (£) on gay marriage has ensured the debate won’t go quiet after various…

Will the Lords really slay the gay marriage bill?

17 December 2012 18:19

Think the Commons is in uproar at the moment over gay marriage? Just wait until the legislation makes its way…

David Cameron speaks at a Downing Street reception on gay marriage. Picture: Getty

Tensions in the tearoom on gay marriage

15 December 2012 11:17

This week’s developments over gay marriage have left a febrile atmosphere in the Conservative party. As Fraser wrote yesterday, David…

Gay marriage: no culture wars, please, we’re British

14 December 2012 9:34

Ever since the issue of gay marriage returned to British politics, we have seen the debate become crazier and crazier. …