What does Ed Miliband make of shale?

4 August 2013 13:03

‘We are going to see how thick their rectory walls are, whether they like the flaring at the end of…

Our Fracking Friends in the North

2 August 2013 15:20

An old Washington cliche has it that a gaffe is what happens when a politician inadvertently blurts out the truth or, in…

Winning the fracking argument

2 August 2013 13:48

Shale has been back on the front pages this week, with exploratory drilling at Balcombe in West Sussex and Lord…

Lord Howell says fracking should be carried out in ‘desolate’ North East

30 July 2013 14:51

Lord Howell has got himself into a spot of fracking bother this afternoon. The Newcastle Chronicle reports that George Osborne’s…

Sussex versus shale – a tale of anti-politics and middle class anxiety

21 July 2013 14:14

George Osborne believes in shale; this week’s tax cut announcement was another clear profession of his faith. But plenty of…

Are fracking tax breaks really necessary?

19 July 2013 9:17

George Osborne is taking the ‘global race’ to a new level today. The Chancellor is not just allowing Britain to…

The unpleasant truth about shale gas: it’s in my back yard

11 July 2013 16:22

One great advance for the environment is shale gas, though for some reason Greens do not see it that way.…

A fracking plant in America. Picture: Getty

Let’s get fracking

8 June 2013 19:04

Great news on the fracking front. A company called IGas says it’s sitting on a huge shale gas reserve deep…

A shale gas drilling rig in Blackpool. Picture: Getty

The UK needs a serious debate on shale gas

14 February 2013 17:23

Arguments over the potential development of UK shale gas resources are too often characterised by rhetoric and hyperbole on both…

BBC vs Fracking

13 December 2012 9:35

There was something odd about George Osborne offering tax breaks for fracking when it was still banned by another part…

A fracking site in the US. MPs today took evidence from the company hoping to exploit shale gas in the UK. Picture: Getty

Make up your mind on shale gas, fracking chief tells government

11 December 2012 16:47

The head of the company seeking to exploit shale gas reserves in Lancashire today pleaded with the government to make…