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Food banks aren’t solving problems — they can make things worse too

28 January 2014 15:59

This article was corrected. Originally it stated that ‘This tiny organisation doesn’t run a single food bank – it merely…

The Tories’ hunger games

16 January 2014 11:59

Last night I went to hear Chris Mould of the Trussell Trust speak at my local church. The scene appeared…

Tories try to adapt their food bank message

19 December 2013 17:26

There was a food bank debate yesterday in the House of Commons. We all know that, but what few people…

Food banks and free school meals: how ministers missed an opportunity

5 December 2013 19:10

The Trussell Trust, which runs the biggest network of food banks in the UK, has used today’s Autumn Statement to…

Food bank use is up again: how can ministers respond?

16 October 2013 15:52

Today’s figures from the Trussell Trust on food bank use were good fodder for Labour at PMQs. But the message…

Food banks and political failure

27 June 2013 9:20

Are food banks a scandal? For this week’s Spectator, I visited the Salisbury food bank, set up in 2000, to…

If we're throwing away around a third of food in a country where demand for foodbanks is mushrooming, there's a problem that ministers must talk about.

We need a recipe to solve food poverty

20 December 2012 10:33

At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, the Opposition touted food banks as evidence of Britain’s regression into a Dickensian era. With…

A storeroom at the One Can food bank in High Wycombe.

Ed Miliband might talk a good game on food banks, but he’s still wrong

19 December 2012 16:38

David Cameron made a perfectly good stab at explaining what the government is doing to support families who are struggling…