EU Budget

What the papers say: Britain’s soaring EU budget bill shows Brexit can’t happen soon enough

14 February 2017 8:43

We’ve heard that Brexit could cost Britain billions in the form of a divorce bill from Brussels. But what is…

Smoke, mirrors, magic: how George Osborne “halved” the £1.7bn EU bill

7 November 2014 16:48

George Osborne took a victory lap on Friday to declare that ‘instead of footing the bill, we have halved the…

Juncker wants more UK money for the EU budget – he could check Luxembourg’s coffers

6 November 2014 10:55

By rights, Jean-Claude Juncker should be in dire political trouble this morning, not lecturing Britain about paying an extra £1.7…

The EU’s gift to Nigel Farage – Brussels demands £1.7 billion more from Britain

24 October 2014 10:15

With truly dreadful timing, the European Commission has sprung David Cameron with a demand for £1.7 billion in extra British…

David Cameron on another chilly walk into the EU budget talks. Picture: Getty

EU 2014 Budget: good and bad news for David Cameron

26 June 2013 20:44

In February, David Cameron managed to rally of group of likeminded countries to agree a historic cut to the EU’s…

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is gathering support for his plan to block the cut in the EU Budget. Picture: Getty

‘We are the voice of the people’: the MEPs planning to block the EU Budget cut

13 February 2013 16:07

The EU budget ‘victory’ cheers go on in the Commons, but the facts seem to have been lost in the…

David Cameron addressing MPs today on last week's EU Budget summit.

EU Budget: Cameron shows off his strong negotiating hand

11 February 2013 16:47

David Cameron could barely contain himself when he addressed MPs on his victory in last week’s EU budget talks. ‘I…

Cameron is trying to paint himself as a Galileo-style EU heretic. Picture: Carla Millar

Victorious PM paints himself as Camileo the EU heretic

8 February 2013 18:30

In his victory address after the successful EU Budget deal this afternoon, David Cameron sought to paint himself once again…

European parliament president Martin Schulz. Picture: Getty

EU Budget: Beware the European Parliament’s veto power

8 February 2013 16:29

James Forsyth seems as happy as any Tory today, cheered by David Cameron’s prowess in the EU Budget negotiations. Even…

David Cameron on another chilly walk into the EU budget talks. Picture: Getty

EU budget victory: What does Cameron do next?

8 February 2013 16:11

The Haribo they were eating all night clearly worked: European leaders have just agreed on the first budget cut since…

Cameron closes in on EU Budget success

8 February 2013 12:06

The news coming back from Brussels is all pretty good for David Cameron, as Isabel noted this morning. He’s not…

David Cameron meets with key allies as EU Budget talks get underway. Picture: Getty

Historic EU Budget cut on the cards for Cameron

8 February 2013 9:25

EU leaders have just left their negotiations over the EU budget for a two hour break and so far it’s…

David Cameron arrives at the European Council summit in Brussels. Picture: Getty

Cameron in tight spot as he refuses to budge on EU Budget

7 February 2013 18:40

David Cameron caused a stir today by walking, yes, walking, into the meeting of European leaders in Brussels to discussed…

David Cameron at last week's EU budget summit. The Prime Minister today gave a statement on the talks to MPs. Picture: Getty

Cameron at pains to show Britain was not isolated in EU Budget talks

26 November 2012 17:49

David Cameron took great pains in his statement to the Commons on the EU budget summit to emphasise the alliances…

David Cameron and Angela Merkel discussing the EU budget on Wednesday. Picture: Getty

‘Cameron will not turn back’: EU budget summit under threat

9 November 2012 17:34

Will David Cameron be denied his veto moment after all? Brussels sources appear to think the European Union budget summit…

Angela Merkel told the European Parliament today that she could not imagine 'that the UK would not be part of Europe'. Picture: Getty

Angela Merkel: I can’t imagine UK quitting the EU

7 November 2012 19:17

David Cameron and Angela Merkel are eating dinner together tonight, over which they will discuss the forthcoming European Budget summit.…

Ken ‘clarity’ Clarke says EU budget veto would be ‘absurd’

2 November 2012 14:35

Wise gamblers could do worse than to place a hefty bet every time Ken Clarke expresses an opinion that he’ll…

Nick Clegg: There is not a cigarette paper between me and the PM on EU budget

1 November 2012 10:30

The morning after the government’s defeat on the EU budget, Nick Clegg has offered his own advice on the British…

Don’t blame the whips for the EU budget revolt: the problem is higher up

31 October 2012 21:59

What is striking about this evening’s revolt on the EU budget is that it was organised at lightning speed by…

Conservative MPs tonight rebelled against the government on the EU budget. Picture: Getty

EU budget: full list of Tory rebels

31 October 2012 20:05

The Press Association has published its analysis of the division lists, which finds 51 Conservative rebels, along with two tellers.…