Cameron wants to change the military balance in Syria, but how do you do that without arming the Islamists?

16 June 2013 18:20

David Cameron and Vladimir Putin have just concluded their pre G8 talks, the main topic of which was Syria. Cameron…

Philip Hammond was made defence secretary because of his ability to balance the books. Picture: Getty.

Why Defence Secretaries go native

14 June 2013 9:26

When Philip Hammond was sent to the Ministry of Defence, his skills as a bean counter were much lauded. Colleagues…

Do the Americans want Britain to renew Trident?

24 April 2013 18:07

What is the point of Britain’s nuclear deterrent? If it is an insurance policy it is a remarkably expensive one…

Cutting and running from Afghanistan

10 April 2013 12:29

MPs on the Defence Select Committee made a similar warning this morning about the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as Con…

Nuclear weapons, Scotland and the future of the United Kingdom

5 April 2013 10:47

David Cameron – who, in case you’d forgotten, leads the Conservative and Unionist Party – made a rare visit to…

Nemo me impune lacessit: defending an independent Scotland

14 March 2013 15:38

Sometimes I wish Conservative cabinet ministers would couch their arguments in favour of the Union in terms of principle, not…

The Great Defence Procurement Rip-Off, Housing Edition

6 March 2013 12:12

There’s no business like government business. Reacting to Philip Hammond’s statement on future army basing yesterday, today’s newspapers have led…

The Adam Smith Institute predicted that if Vince Cable got his way and capital gains tax rates were increased to match income tax rates, the Treasury would not make anything out of it. Picture: Getty

Vince Cable tells Philip Hammond, cut Trident not welfare

3 March 2013 12:16

On The Sunday Politics today, Vince Cable told Andrew Neil that he disliked ring fencing particular departments. But he accepted…

Philip Hammond was made defence secretary because of his ability to balance the books. Picture: Getty.

The Tory branch of the National Union of Ministers says cut welfare, not our budgets

2 March 2013 13:31

Philip Hammond is a cautious and loyal politician. He is not a boat rocker. This is what makes his interviews…

Europe's defence budgets may not be noble, but they are at least rational

19 February 2013 22:34

Gideon Rachmann is unhappy that european defence budgets are still falling: Since 2008, in response to the economic downturn, most…

David Cameron on his visit to Libya today. Picture: Getty

Govt confusion on defence shows how painful the next spending review will be

31 January 2013 15:26

The government’s position on defence spending is, to put it politely, confused. After the completion of the SDSR and the…

Half of the British Army's officer corps is privately educated. Does that matter? - Spectator Blogs

31 January 2013 14:52

An interesting spot, courtesy of the good chaps at Think Defence. From Hansard: Diana Johnson (Kingston upon Hull North, Labour)…

Philip Hammond said David Cameron's pledge to see defence spending rising from 2015 only referred to the equipment budget. Picture: Getty

Cameron: defence spending is protected. Hammond: no it isn’t

31 January 2013 9:09

After Cabinet tensions on the matter, David Cameron was trying to reassure those worried about further defence cuts while visiting…

UKIP is not a libertarian party - Spectator Blogs

27 November 2012 1:11

I’m sure, as James says, that the idea of some kind of Tory-UKIP non-aggression pact will not go away. But…

What today’s Trident announcement is really about

29 October 2012 14:31

When Nick Harvey was sacked in September’s reshuffle, leaving the Ministry of Defence without a Liberal Democrat minister, anti-nuclear campaigners…

Trident: political football, folly, or matter of principle? - Spectator Blogs

29 October 2012 12:58

Philip Hammond is one of those ministers who seems to be held in greater esteem by those inside the Westminster…

Whitehall’s mistake over BAE and EADS

11 October 2012 17:48

There have been some sharp responses to the demise of the proposed BAE EADS merger. My personal favourite is John Redwood’s…

Philip Hammond was made defence secretary because of his ability to balance the books. Picture: Getty.

Philip Hammond’s tarnished relations with military top brass fly into the open

18 September 2012 17:55

Talking to diplomatic sources this evening, there’s a depressed recognition that the Taliban and its allies have scored a major…

Defence spending on ice

11 July 2012 13:00

Where better for rebellious Tory MPs to hide from the domineering whips than behind a giant ice sculpture of a…

The battle to be the party of the armed forces

5 July 2012 8:45

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has the unenviable task today of announcing a cull of army units as the force is…