The pound has fallen 13pc. Might the IMF have been right to say it was 13pc overvalued?

27 November 2016 11:21

When the pound plunged a few weeks ago, Andrew Marr opened his Sunday show by saying that this might be…

‘Shall we go or shall we stay?’ Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan in

British expats in the EU fear a stronger euro far more than they fear Brexit

1 March 2016 13:08

British expats in France fear a stronger euro far more than Brexit

The Battle for Threadneedle Street

30 January 2014 16:13

I thought it obvious that Mark Carney’s trip to Scotland yesterday was a bad day for Alex Salmond and the…

Are the SNP’s plans for a currency union a) Expedient, b) Sensible, c) Dangerous or d) All of the Above

23 April 2013 11:02

Even if George Osborne is right about the problems of a currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest…

Osborne warns Salmond: it’s ‘unlikely’ we’d let an independent Scotland use the pound.

23 April 2013 6:45

Given that the Bank of England was set up by a Scot, Alex Salmond may expect that an independent Scotland…

Sinophobia, the last acceptable racism

12 August 2012 12:30

The Chinese have excelled at London 2012, much to the annoyance of their Western rivals. In this week’s issue of…

UK banknote printer is ready for any drachma call

18 May 2012 12:48

Even in the most economically tumultuous of times, there are people who stand to make money — some of them…


22 June 2011 16:50

At a time when the Euro is looking so weak, it is a wonder that so many countries are still…

The Euro’s uncertain future

1 June 2011 13:42

Martin Wolf’s column on the eurozone today does a superb job of summing up its troubles. As Wolf says, “The…

It’s China’s world. We just live in it.

11 February 2011 9:08

Yesterday was momentous, but we should not lose sight of the head of the IMF saying that the Chinese renminbi…

China in a bullshop

7 January 2011 15:22

As if to illustrate Pete’s post about the rise of China and India, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has just…

Goodbye Euro?

29 April 2010 9:12

I have just visited the two countries that are making the headlines in the European newspapers – Germany and Greece.…