Citizenship is dead

23 February 2018 14:00

Once in a while some Socialist Worker people set up a stall outside my local Tesco to shout slogans at…

Controversy PR: how brands cash in on the offence economy

23 February 2018 11:04

It shouldn’t surprise us that brands have attempted to make money from outrage.

Humans love to hunt – and now we do it online

21 February 2018 12:27

The aim is the same: to tear the fox – or the person – apart.

The destructive culture of perfection

21 February 2018 10:25

We are all capable of good and evil, and what we do, how we choose to act, is sometimes a matter of circumstance.

Is it really homophobic to ask whether two men can make a baby?

18 February 2018 9:17

When I saw the photo of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black holding a photo of an ultrasound, and all…

Will Jordan Peterson convert to Catholicism?

16 February 2018 10:39

I have mixed feelings about Jordan Peterson, whose 12 Rules for Life I have just ploughed through. There is much…

Children’s cinema is conservative – and brilliant

14 February 2018 10:58

The Oscars promise to be truly unbearable this year, with vomit-inducing levels of sanctimony followed by the usual gibberish from…

On Valentine’s Day and sexual immorality

14 February 2018 9:56

The coincidence of Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day seems the right moment to air my dark, wintry perspective on human…

Peter Rabbit, will you repent?

13 February 2018 8:28

First they came for Georgy Pyatakov and then it was Peter Rabbit. Admittedly there have been 81 years between the…

In defence of Katie Price

12 February 2018 15:22

What do we talk about when we talk about Jordan? Not the country, or the river, or the cultural commentator…

Watch: Justin Trudeau mansplains mankind

6 February 2018 17:04

Justin Trudeau is no stranger to virtue signalling, but he has surpassed himself with his latest gesture. The Canadian PM…

Why is porn ok but grid girls aren’t?

2 February 2018 12:22

I guess there comes that time in every man’s life when he realises he is in fact a dinosaur and…

The one where millennials don’t get Friends

29 January 2018 13:05

All progress is war on the past and millennials are particularly merciless combatants. The arrival of Friends on Netflix UK…

The FT is now a sensationalist rag – according to FT readers

26 January 2018 16:04

In the old days, the Financial Times didn’t do scoops. Indeed, it was so unkeen on being sensationalist, if it…

Groping wasn’t the worst thing going on at The Presidents Club

25 January 2018 12:48

Once again public figures are fanning themselves with shocked surprise at something perfectly comprehensible to everyone else: men behave boorishly…

In defence of Cathy Newman

22 January 2018 16:58

A woman and a man had a conversation. Other people watched and listened. The woman asked the man some questions.…

Ethnicity can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of the state

21 January 2018 8:45

I gather that one way in which the persecution of the Rohingya people was first advanced was by a decision…

How I learned to love (some of) my Twitter critics

21 January 2018 8:30

John Humphrys doesn’t do Twitter. Which, let’s face it, is wise. If it weren’t for Twitter I would have written…

The green lobby’s energy obsession is harming the world’s poorest

18 January 2018 13:00

Access to an abundance of clean water has been pivotal for the public health miracle that has taken place in rich…

The Bayeux Tapestry is coming home at last

17 January 2018 10:14

The Entente Cordiale is alive and well, it seems. It was announced today that, thanks to the benevolence of Emmanuel Macron,…

The #MeToo movement’s feminist dystopia

15 January 2018 17:07

It’s here, at last: the backlash against #MeToo. Finally people are sticking their heads above the parapet and asking if…

Is political correctness speeding up?

15 January 2018 14:00

One of the most influential and popular ideas of the post-war era was that of the Authoritarian Personality, which linked…

A digital toolkit for young Tories

15 January 2018 13:44

OMG. New Conservative chairman Brandon Lewis has announced a ‘digital toolkit’ to help young right-wingers battle the Left on social…

Would Winston Churchill have survived public life in the age of Twitter?

14 January 2018 8:31

It used to be the case that tabloid stings struck the fear of God into politicians and celebrities. Now social…

The true value of cryptocurrency is freedom

13 January 2018 14:00

Picture a village. It has a grocery shop and a pub. A little down the road you can find a…