Bob Willis’s contribution to English cricket will never be forgotten

4 December 2019 20:35

Certain days in the long and sometimes glorious history of English cricket are so brightly coloured they can never fade.…

Ben Stokes, hero of the new miracle of Headingley

25 August 2019 18:40

The Oval, 1902. Headingley 1981. Melbourne 1982. Edgbaston 2005. And now Headingley 2019. Move over Sir Ian Botham, you’ve got…

Cricket’s guilty men: my list of who deserves to be sacked for the Ashes debacle

24 August 2019 11:42

Like many, if not most England fans, I am at a stage beyond rage after their performance

Theresa May’s cricket ticket freebies

21 August 2019 15:17

Theresa May spent her first day outside of No. 10 at Lord’s cricket ground, watching the second day of the…

The magic and mystery of English cricket

17 August 2019 22:42

Nothing in cricket is quite as visceral, even quite as primeval, as the confrontation between a batsmen of the highest…

How English cricket can capitalise on the World Cup win

17 July 2019 13:31

What next for English cricket? The first and most immediate answer is also an age-old one: thump the Australians in…

It’s not just cricket: India vs Pakistan is the greatest rivalry in world sport

16 June 2019 13:55

The entire subcontinent will be transfixed by today's glorious, historic and all-too-rare event

The functional, quiet nobility of Alastair Cook

10 September 2018 17:35

No-one ever bought shares in Alastair Cook because they were sexy. No man has made so many runs with so…

The England team is no place for Ben Stokes

17 August 2018 16:12

I had never heard of Sam Curran when I took my seat at Edgbaston a couple of weeks ago. Four…

Why I didn’t want to make a fuss about retiring from cricket

8 April 2018 9:00

‘Ah, the old man injury!’ That’s what people said when I busted my calf a couple of years ago. At…

Australians are finally waking up to their cricketing hypocrisy

29 March 2018 19:11

The only thing, as a modern-day Macauley might observe, more ridiculous than the British public in one of their periodic…

The Spectator Podcast: Putin’s toxic power

15 March 2018 17:35

On this week’s episode, we look at the situation with Russia, and whether diplomatic relations have been poisoned. We also…

Brexit Britain could do with some cricket diplomacy

17 February 2018 8:30

Peter Oborne, The Spectator’s associate editor, is something of a legend in Pakistan — as least among the defence establishment…

In test cricket, there’s no place like home

8 January 2018 11:26

It has been a pretty ghastly winter and the best that may be said of it is that by far…

The Spectator Podcast: Brexit Wars

21 September 2017 15:24

On this week’s Spectator Podcast we look at the final Brexit war amongst the Conservatives. We also discuss the maverick politician…

Cricket's traditionalists should embrace the day-night Test

17 August 2017 14:15

Stereotypes die hard. Consider the summer game, for instance. It is axiomatic to complain that cricket is a desperately conservative…

English cricket is too glass half-empty for its own good

17 July 2017 16:28

There is, let us be honest, a certain kind of England supporter who derives some cheerful satisfaction from disaster and…

Another glorious year of County Championship cricket; another glorious failure for Somerset

23 September 2016 19:39

Nearly fifty years ago, CR Poole published a short work entitled ‘The Customs, Superstitions, and Legends of the County of Somerset’.…

Shivnarine Chanderpaul: The Last Man

26 January 2016 1:22

And then there were none. The retirement of Shivnarine Chanderpaul, the great Guyanese batsman, is the end of an era.…

Spectator books of the year: Mark Mason discovers the royal family’s ‘Marmite strategy’

20 November 2015 15:00

Royalty Inc. by Stephen Bates (Aurum Press, £20) is a superb account of how ‘the Firm’ (Windsors rather than Krays)…