Conservative conference 2012

The View from 22: Conservative conference special

10 October 2012 18:30

Earlier today, I spoke to some politicians and commentators for their take on David Cameron’s speech. Now it’s Coffee House’s…

The hall for the Conservative party's annual conference in Birmingham. Picture: Getty

Ten lessons from the Conservative party conference

10 October 2012 17:56

The Conservative party conference has been short and sweet, and delegates are winding their ways back to constituencies and Westminster. Here…

Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats were conspicuous by their absence in David Cameron's speech today. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: Cameron writes the Liberal Democrats out of his speech

10 October 2012 16:54

The only mention that the Liberal Democrats received in David Cameron’s speech was a reference to the fact that they,…

David Cameron devoted sections of his speech to defending the Conservative party against attacks from Ed Miliband. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: How David Cameron fought back against Ed Miliband

10 October 2012 15:19

As the audience filed out of the Manchester Central conference hall after Ed Miliband’s speech last week, the question repeated…

The View from 22: reaction to David Cameron’s speech

10 October 2012 13:44

David Cameron appears to have done a successful job of reinvigorating his party and bringing it together once more. The…

David Cameron delivering his speech to the Conservative party conference this morning. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: David Cameron gives a clear explanation for the first time of what the government is doing

10 October 2012 13:24

The Cameroons are leaving Birmingham with a spring in their step. David Cameron’s conference speech was the best he has…

David Cameron and his wife Samantha take applause from the Conservative party conference. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: David Cameron’s rally-style speech

10 October 2012 13:03

This was one of David Cameron’s optimism speeches, a recession-era variant of his ‘let sunshine win the day’. It was…

David Cameron delivers his speech to the Conservative party conference. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: David Cameron’s speech, full text

10 October 2012 12:30

In May 2010, this party stood on the threshold of power for the first time in more than a decade.…

Conservative conference: Owen Paterson says yes to shale gas and no to wind farms subsidies

10 October 2012 3:57

‘We will only improve the environment if we improve the economy.’ Owen Paterson demonstrated the government’s new environmental mantra at…

David Cameron will present a stark vision of the challenge facing Britain today. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: David Cameron to warn that Britain must ‘do or decline’

10 October 2012 0:02

David Cameron’s speech today to the Conservative party conference will be deeply personal, and deeply challenging. I understand that the…

Liam Fox is one of the senior Conservatives to call for David Cameron to chase core Conservative voters. Picture: Getty.

Conservative conference: Liam Fox on what voters want

9 October 2012 22:07

As Liam Fox addressed a packed Carlton Club fringe this evening on a mezzanine floor in the ICC in Birmingham,…

Low-paid workers are often recipients of housing benefit. Picture: Getty

David Cameron must beware of hitting his dream ‘striver’ voters

9 October 2012 16:33

Now that the Tories have at least agreed within their own party that they can find £10 billion of further…

Michael Gove addresses the Conservative party conference. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: Michael Gove indulges in his favourite sport of trade union-bashing

9 October 2012 13:34

As I was running the daily leaflet gauntlet at the entrance to the Tory conference this morning, a man thrust…

Boris Johnson addresses the Conservative party conference in Birmingham. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: Boris Johnson’s speech won’t leave Cameron in a cold sweat

9 October 2012 12:35

Tory party members were queuing for half an hour to get into the Mayor of London’s box office speech this…

David Cameron watches proceedings in the conference hall in Birmingham. Picture: Getty

Conservative conference: David Cameron moves Tories to the common, not the centre, ground

9 October 2012 9:18

It’s David Cameron’s birthday today, but when James Naughtie suggested on the Today programme that Boris Johnson be sent to…

Conservative conference: Home Affairs Committee member expresses concerns about police commissioners

8 October 2012 22:00

I had the pleasure of chairing a fringe event hosted by the Howard League for Penal Reform today on young…

Conservative Conference: Boris delight

8 October 2012 18:58

You could tell this was the Boris Johnson show because people were smiling when they queued, smiling as they listened…

Conservative conference: Iain Duncan Smith rips into Labour’s welfare legacy

8 October 2012 16:46

Iain Duncan Smith has just delivered the most political speech of what has been a highly partisan conference. He tore…

Robert Halfon with David Cameron. Picture: Press Association

Conservative conference: Robert Halfon admits: ‘I envy socialists’

8 October 2012 14:11

The Conservative leadership is just starting to tap in to the idea that the next election will be about the…

The closest the public get to party conferences: a Five Live studio debate

Conservative conference: Tories find themselves on a different wavelength to voters

8 October 2012 13:57

BBC Radio Five is broadcast on 909 kHz, but whatever wavelength the Conservative Party is using was not being received…