Sarah Wollaston’s convenient change of heart

15 August 2019 10:49

Sarah Wollaston’s decision to take the Liberal Democrat whip is not altogether surprising. What might surprise her constituents, however, is…

Ukip’s Peterborough by-election woes

5 June 2019 14:01

It’s fair to say that recent campaigns and elections haven’t been kind to Ukip. First, the party fell apart and…

Nigel Farage takes inspiration from Al Gore

10 October 2014 15:38

Al Gore is an unlikely source of inspiration for Ukip – in fact the party once pledged to ban the…

Ukip wins Clacton from the Tories and runs Labour mighty close in Heywood & Middleton

9 October 2014 22:18

2.50am Douglas Carswell’s victory speech, after winning a 12,404 majority, was not triumphalist: there was no tub-thumping. Instead, he said…

New party, same old politics for Douglas Carswell

9 October 2014 16:49

Douglas Carswell is not like normal politicians; he’s authentic, genuine and in touch with real people. Or so the spin…

All you need to know about the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election

21 January 2014 16:05

It’s by-election time once more. In just over three weeks, the voters of Wythenshawe and Sale East in Greater Manchester…

Nigel Farage shouldn’t get Ukip’s hopes up for a win in Portsmouth South

24 April 2013 11:56

Talk of a by-election in Portsmouth South has been growing, fuelled by allegations against MP Mike Hancock. And, in a…

Tories campaigning in Eastleigh

‘We called quite a few dead people’: How the Tories’ lack of data let them down in Eastleigh

2 March 2013 15:54

At 9.15pm, with 45 minutes until polls closed in the Eastleigh by-election, the ‘get out the vote’ telephone operation at…

Are Tory MPs acting like Corporal Jones yet? Not really.

Eastleigh result: the Tories aren’t panicking, but that doesn’t mean they won’t

1 March 2013 17:17

Don’t panic, don’t panic! But are the Tories actually panicking about the Eastleigh result? Coffee House readers will have seen…

UKIP campaigned heavily on immigration in Eastleigh. Picture: Getty

Eastleigh by-election: The Tories are suffering for gay marriage, and need to focus on migrants and a cost of living budget

1 March 2013 9:50

It would be churlish to suggest that the Eastleigh by-election is ‘disastrous’, but coming third in a seat we polled…

Move to the right? The Tories need to worry about anti-politics voters too

1 March 2013 9:22

So in the end Eastleigh went for the ‘crisis for Cameron’ option by putting the Tories in third behind UKIP.…

Eastleigh: the different results and what they’d mean

28 February 2013 22:41

So now that the polls have closed in Eastleigh, here are the likely scenarios for tonight’s Eastleigh by-election result, and…

Nick Clegg and Lib Dem Eastleigh candidate Mike Thornton. Picture: Getty

How will the Rennard allegations affect the Eastleigh by-election?

25 February 2013 12:15

What effect will the Rennard allegations have on the Eastleigh by-election? Channel 4 has been working on the story for…

Eric Pickles is campaigning in Eastleigh today. Picture: Getty

Eric Pickles in Eastleigh: Lib Dems are holding Tories back

22 February 2013 17:05

All the evidence is pointing to a Lib Dem win in Eastleigh, but those Tories visiting are continuing to fight…

Boris Johnson campaigning in Eastleigh yesterday. Picture: Getty

Eastleigh shows how difficult the 2015 Tory/Lib Dem fight will be

21 February 2013 12:31

The good news for Nick Clegg—and the bad news for David Cameron—is that the Liberal Democrats are racing certainties to…

The Conservatives' latest campaign poster in Eastleigh

Maria Hutchings says what she thinks. But is she thinking what Eastleigh voters are thinking?

19 February 2013 10:24

One of the key strands of the Conservative campaign in Eastleigh is trust: not just because campaigners can remind voters…

PMQs sketch: In which Cameron both chooses and answers the questions.

13 February 2013 16:54

Whoosh! Crasshh! Ploophm! Crummppp! The personal attacks came pounding in on David Cameron today. Ed Miliband asked about declining living…

George Osborne on the campaign trail with Maria Hutchings in Eastleigh. Picture: Getty

Eastleigh by-election parties fight over policy they both support

13 February 2013 11:56

Alarming news reaches this blog from the Eastleigh by-election, where the battle has descended into a catfight about a policy…

Maria Hutchings and Grant Shapps campaigning in Eastleigh. Picture: PA

Tory poll weaknesses show why an Eastleigh win is so important

11 February 2013 15:13

The latest ICM poll for The Guardian is interesting because it highlights the weakness in both the Tory and Labour…

Labour has had a stall in Eastleigh for two weeks already, while the Tories visited the constituency nine months ago. Picture: PA

Labour’s Eastleigh by-election fight

10 February 2013 10:51

The Eastleigh by-election machine is well and truly up and running this weekend, with ministers starting to make their way…