Boundary changes

Labour wins boundary skirmish

18 November 2016 17:45

Labour tasted victory today in the Commons. MPs voted 253 to 37 in favour of Pat Glass’s private member’s bill to…

The Corbyn détente is coming

19 September 2016 14:02

By the time Labour party conference begins on Sunday in Liverpool, the party will have announced its new leader. And it…

Are the boundary reforms really good for democracy?

7 September 2016 16:05

One of the big political rows of the autumn will be over the proposed changes to constituency boundaries. Labour is…

MPs brace themselves for start of boundaries row

24 February 2016 10:29

Of all the publications from the Office for National Statistics this morning, the electoral statistics for the UK doesn’t sound…

boundary changes

Number 10 ‘can square’ boundary reform losers

13 July 2015 14:16

Number 10 believes it will be able to ‘square’ all Tory MPs whose constituencies will be abolished or merged as…

Three reasons why you can’t write off Ed Miliband

21 September 2013 13:13

This is not the backdrop that Ed Miliband would have wanted for Labour conference. Labour’s poll lead has—according to YouGov—vanished,…

Peers will vote on the boundary reforms in the next two weeks. Picture: Getty

Is the boundary Black Swan dead?

8 January 2013 13:03

One of the amusing inclusions in yesterday’s otherwise anodyne Mid-Term review document was the promise that the government ‘will provide…

Nick Clegg and David Cameron are locked in a stalemate over the boundary reforms. Picture: Getty

Cameron and Clegg locked in staring contest on boundary reforms

5 November 2012 22:31

Nick Clegg and David Cameron still can’t agree over the future of the boundary review, and their continuing stalemate led…

Conor Burns slams Clegg’s boundary review ‘hissy fit’

16 October 2012 15:01

Conor Burns, the Conservative MP who resigned from the government over Lords reform, is livid with Nick Clegg’s smug declaration that…

Nick Clegg today rejected the idea that the Lib Dems might accept the boundary changes in return for state funding of political parties. Picture: Getty

Clegg rejects ‘cash-for-seats’ deal for boundaries

16 October 2012 13:28

Deputy Prime Minister’s questions is quite often a slightly grumpy affair, with Nick Clegg huffing and puffing at irritating questions…

The Lib Dems are continuing to oppose the boundary reforms. Picture: Getty

Tories still hope for something to turn up on boundary changes

15 October 2012 7:45

This is a story that’s going to run and run until MPs walk through the lobbies next year in the…

Grant Shapps today announced that the Conservatives would select candidates for 2015 using the existing constituency boundaries. Picture: Getty.

Grant Shapps: No talks with the Lib Dems on a party funding for boundary changes deal

14 October 2012 12:10

Grant Shapps, the perky new Tory chairman, has just been grilled on The Sunday Politics by Andrew Neil about the…

Harman tries to play ball with Clegg on boundaries

3 September 2012 16:53

Nick Clegg didn’t mention the boundary reforms once in the statement he gave to the House of Commons on the…

Cameron faces Tory fury on Lib Dem ministerial rebellion

8 August 2012 16:09

Last week when it first transpired that David Cameron had given up on Lords reform, Conservative backbenchers were thrilled. Conor…

Miliband wins the boundaries battle

7 August 2012 20:47

The biggest winner of the coalition spat over Lords reform and boundaries is, undoubtedly, Ed Miliband. The electoral hill he…

Forget the boundaries and focus on urban voters

7 August 2012 15:56

Has Nick Clegg handed Ed Miliband the keys to Downing Street? Most political commentators believe that killing off the proposed…

Cameron confirms boundary vote

7 August 2012 14:06

David Cameron has confirmed this lunchtime that the boundary reforms will be pressed to a vote. Describing the plans that…

Boundaries and Lords reform: what the two parties said

7 August 2012 9:12

The Liberal Democrats have spent the past few months building up to yesterday’s announcement that they would trash the boundary…

Killing the boundaries but not the coalition

6 August 2012 13:06

Nick Clegg will give a statement this afternoon on the House of Lords Reform Bill, and what will happen next.…

The post-‘Cuban missile crisis’ coalition compromise

15 July 2012 17:00

At the top of the coalition there’s a concerted effort to calm tensions, to de-escalate after its ‘Cuban missile crisis’.…