The Co-op affair is a big smash

24 October 2013 10:28

More attention should be paid to the failure of the Co-op Bank. It suggests that an ‘ethical’ motivation does not…

Another ‘New Colonial’ scales the British establishment

2 August 2013 8:22

A couple of weeks ago, the Spectator ran a cover feature on the number of Australian, Kiwi, South African and…

Ed Balls tries to shake off child in a sweetshop spending image

27 May 2013 10:01

Anyone reading Sam Coates’ interview with Ed Balls in today’s Times might be forgiven for chucking their newspaper on the…

Sir James Crosby announced that he wanted to give back his knighthood and forego 30% of his pension. Picture: PA

Sir James Crosby gives up knighthood and vindicates the Banking Commission

9 April 2013 18:34

Well, that was inevitable. Sir James Crosby’s announcement that he wants to give his knighthood back and forego a slice…

George Osborne had stayed 'submerged' on the matter of bankers' bonuses. Picture: Getty

Prime Minister and Chancellor ‘stayed submerged’ on bankers’ bonuses

15 January 2013 17:21

The irrepressible Lord Oakeshott is making mischief again: he’s using Sir Mervyn King’s comments about Goldman Sachs bonuses today to…

Vince Cable and George Osborne are wary of unpicking the consensus around Vickers. Picture: Getty

Banking Commission to force Chancellor’s hand on reform

24 December 2012 11:22

As is becoming increasingly clear to David Cameron, the problem with answering calls for an inquiry into a scandal in…

The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards published its report this morning. Picture: Getty

An electric fence to keep the City of London’s light from dimming

21 December 2012 10:16

The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards was conceived in those tumultuous days following the first Libor revelations. At the time,…

The Treasury Select Committee criticised the FSA's oversight of RBS. Picture: Getty

MPs slam FSA’s ‘serious misjudgement’ on RBS

19 October 2012 8:27

The Treasury Select Committee has published a stinging report this morning on the failings of the Financial Services Authority’s oversight…

The myth of the paperless citizen

6 October 2012 20:46

Another day and another unasked for letter asking me to live online. This time it is from my bank, NatWest…

The reputation of the City of London, and the jobs of those who work there, depends on the reformed Libor rate standing up to scrutiny. Picture: Getty.

The new-look Libor is essential for London’s success as a financial centre

28 September 2012 10:44

Martin Wheatley published his final report into Libor this morning, concluding that though the rate should stay for practical reasons,…

Boris on the warpath on Standard Chartered

8 August 2012 18:27

Boris Johnson is the Spectator’s diarist this week, and as you’d expect, his piece in tomorrow’s magazine is full of…

Briefing: the Libor review

30 July 2012 17:03

‘It is clear that urgent reform of the Libor compilation process is required,’ says Martin Wheatley of the Financial Services…

Briefing: HSBC, money laundering and Lord Green

23 July 2012 17:15

What’s HSBC done wrong? Put simply, HSBC was not rigorous enough in preventing money laundering through its banks. Last week,…

Libor and what the Bank did and didn’t know

17 July 2012 20:15

Listening to Mervyn King and his Bank of England deputy Paul Tucker over the past few days, you’d have thought…