Bank of England

The Bank of England panics and misses the point

27 February 2013 15:55

Wonders never cease. I awoke this morning to hear that the Deputy Governor, Paul Tucker, had announced that consideration should…

Mark Carney giving evidence to MPs today.

Mark Carney: I want a debate on inflation target

7 February 2013 15:22

If Mark Carney had any reservations about his move to Threadneedle Street later this year, he might now add to…

Sir Mervyn King was pressed today on his role in the decision to transfer £37bn from the quantitative easing programme to the Treasury. Picture: Getty

Sir Mervyn defends George Osborne’s QE trick

27 November 2012 15:25

Sir Mervyn King told MPs, slightly wearily, at the end of today’s Treasury Select Committee hearing, that this was his…

Picture: Carla Millar

Like the Mounties, Osborne gets his man

26 November 2012 17:09

George Osborne pulled off one of those bits of political theatre that he so enjoys today. Watching his statement in…

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, has been appointed the next Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

Osborne’s coup: Mark Carney is the new Bank of England Governor

26 November 2012 16:52

Hiring Mark Carney may just be George Osborne’s best move since becoming Chancellor. Britain badly needed a break from the…

Sir Mervyn King: Quantitative easing is reaching its limit

24 October 2012 9:43

Quantitative easing isn’t an eternal elixir of economic health. That was the admission from Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn…

The poverty of economics

9 October 2012 13:36

The IMF’s growth downgrades will make tomorrow’s newspaper headlines but the more striking point is its decision to massively rewrite…

Another growth plan falters

1 October 2012 11:56

It seems that yet another coalition growth scheme is falling flat on its face: this time, Sir Mervyn King’s ‘Funding…

Alistair Darling said the next Governor of the Bank of England would need to be a superhuman. Picture: Carla Millar

Wanted: superhuman central banker

14 September 2012 15:03

The race to replace Sir Mervyn King started today when an advert searching for the next Bank of England governor…

Adverts for the next Governor of the Bank of England will appear in the press this Friday. Picture: Getty.

Picking the next Bank of England Governor

11 September 2012 16:30

Treasury questions is one of the more entertaining spectacles on offer in the Commons. There’s the standard banter between George…

QE — the ultimate subsidy for the rich

23 August 2012 17:58

It’s official: Quantitative Easing has marked the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich of any government policy in recent…

The Bank of England: no Paul the Octopus

8 August 2012 13:58

When challenged on the Bank of England’s poor record of economic forecasting by Ed Conway of Sky News this morning,…

Economy ‘close to zero’

8 August 2012 12:31

Sir Mervyn King’s sporting jokes are almost as bad as the Bank of England’s ability to publish accurate economic forecasts.…

Lower inflation eases the squeeze, for now at least

8 August 2012 8:45

George Osborne might not be feeling particularly comfortable with today’s August Inflation Report from the Bank of England, as Sir…

More smoke from the Libor fire

20 July 2012 16:00

A new cache of emails released today by the Bank of England reveal its deputy governor Paul Tucker was warned that it…

Libor and what the Bank did and didn’t know

17 July 2012 20:15

Listening to Mervyn King and his Bank of England deputy Paul Tucker over the past few days, you’d have thought…

Everybody duck! It’s macho Merv

14 July 2012 19:15

Just as Mervyn King, as Isabel flags in her blog, is being dragged into the Libor scandal, comes a truly…

King joins Libor drama

14 July 2012 16:00

Up to now, Sir Mervyn King has played largely a walk-on part in the Libor scandal, prompting Bob Diamond’s resignation…

After LIBOR, why tolerate central banking?

12 July 2012 10:30

&”Did you encourage them to make up the made up thing to their own advantage?” That’s how one Twitter correspondent…

GOD draws near to Bank of England job

10 July 2012 17:00

Paul Tucker rather drove a steamroller over his hopes to be the next Bank of England Governor during his testimony…