Why Fitch downgraded Britain from AAA, in three graphs

19 April 2013 18:00

Fitch has today followed Moody’s in downgrading Britain from AAA to AA+. The reason? George Osborne is borrowing far too…

George Osborne answering Ed Balls' Urgent Question on the UK's credit rating today.

AAA credit rating: George Osborne gives Labour a (revisionist) history lesson

25 February 2013 17:31

George Osborne was playing historian today as he responded to Ed Balls’ urgent question on the credit rating downgrade, charting…

George Osborne meets France's finance minister this morning, presumably to swap tips on credit ratings. Picture: Getty

Will the UK keep its AA1 rating until 2015?

25 February 2013 13:46

Labour has been granted an urgent question in the Commons on the loss of the AAA credit rating this afternoon,…

Why Britain lost its AAA rating

22 February 2013 22:41

Even the pessimistic analysts had given Britain until September to lose its AAA rating. That it has happened now, before…