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Spectator competition winners: When I grow up I want to be…

21 October 2018 9:30

The performance poet Megan Beech was so incensed by the abuse heaped by Twitter trolls on her idol Mary Beard…

Books Podcast: detective work with Sara Paretsky

18 October 2018 14:43

In this week’s Books Podcast I’m talking to the incomparable Sara Paretsky about her latest V. I. Warshawski novel Shell…

Banksy’s stunt wasn’t even original – and why we should support ads on Sydney Opera House

16 October 2018 12:11

It was announced last week that the woman who bought Banksy’s ‘Girl With Balloon’ will be going through with the…

Spectator competition winners: These are a few of their favourite things (snowflakes’, vice chancellors’, premier league footballers’…)

14 October 2018 14:17

The idea for the latest challenge, to provide a spoof version of the song ‘My Favourite Things’ for the constituency/demographic…

Books Podcast: Andrew Roberts on Churchill

12 October 2018 13:03

In this week’s books podcast I’m talking — this time in front of a live audience at Daunt Books —…

Books Podcast: when did politics become so emotional?

4 October 2018 15:26

In this week’s books podcast, I’m joined by the political scientist William Davies to talk about his new book Nervous…

Spectator competition winners: Dante’s holiday from hell

30 September 2018 9:53

The seed of the latest assignment — to provide a tale of travel misery on behalf of a well-known voyager…

Books Podcast: Paddy Leigh-Fermor’s adventures

27 September 2018 17:01

In this week’s books podcast I’m talking to Adam Sisman about More Dashing — his new selection from the remarkable…

Life ‘n’ Arts Podcast: Knight of the Living Philosophers

25 September 2018 16:20

In this week’s Spectator USA Life ‘n’ Arts podcast, I’m casting the pod with Sir Roger Scruton, the knight of…

michael moore fahrenheit 11/9

Review: Fahrenheit 11/9

25 September 2018 12:17

This article was originally published on Spectator USA. Fahrenheit 11/9 is a cheap burger of a film. Michael Moore wedges a…

Let’s hear it for the ladies who paint

25 September 2018 12:06

The works of female painters were consistently undervalued by auction houses – but that’s all changing

Spectator competition winners: Ode to a rowing machine

22 September 2018 10:00

The most recent challenge was to submit an ode to a piece of sporting equipment. There is a long and…

Books Podcast: icons and god(s) with Neil MacGregor

20 September 2018 12:26

In this week’s books podcast, I talk to the former head honcho of the National Gallery and British Museum, Neil…

Spectator competition winners: Anna Karenina lives happily ever after

16 September 2018 9:30

Your latest challenge was to supply a happy ending for a well-known play, poem or novel. Nahum Tate (the worst…

Books Podcast: life and death in the Falklands – and what happens after

13 September 2018 15:09

In this week’s books podcast I’m talking to Helen Parr about her remarkable new book Our Boys: The Story of…

Review: Operation Finale

10 September 2018 12:10

Adolf Eichmann, the model of a modern mass murderer

Spectator competition winners: ‘a tomato is nothing more than a bordello of suggestibility’

9 September 2018 9:30

The inspiration for the latest challenge, to submit a newspaper leading article exposing the corrupting influence of a seemingly innocuous…

Hank Mobley, the greatest sax player you never heard

7 September 2018 11:30

The forgotten genius of Blue Note was a prince among players, but he died a pauper

Books Podcast: Sebastian Faulks’s ghosts in Paris

6 September 2018 15:27

In this week’s books podcast, I’m talking to Sebastian Faulks about his brilliant new novel Paris Echo, which describes the…

Any storm in a port: The Bookshop reviewed

3 September 2018 15:08

Reports of the death of bookstores are fiction. In 1931, there were about 4,000 bookstores in the United States. Almost…

Spectator competition winners: pun for your life (poems about puns containing puns)

2 September 2018 9:30

The latest challenge was to submit a poem about puns containing puns. Dryden regarded paronomasia as ‘the lowest and most…

Spectator competition winners: To leave, or not to leave — that is the question: politicians soliloquise

26 August 2018 9:30

The invitation to compose a Shakespearean-style soliloquy that a contemporary politician might have felt moved to deliver was inspired by…

Spectator competition winners: P.G. Wodehouse does science fiction

17 August 2018 17:35

For the latest competition you were invited to imagine a well-known author who doesn’t normally write in the genre trying…

Books Podcast: can graphic novels be considered literature?

16 August 2018 15:50

Among the biggest surprises of this year’s Man Booker Prize longlist was the inclusion, for the first time in the…