Holy Smoke podcast: Why Pope Francis said no to married priests

20 February 2020 9:46

The dust has still not settled after Pope Francis unexpectedly – and very pointedly – ignored pleas from liberal Catholics…

Holy Smoke podcast: The strange journey of Europe’s ‘Christian’ Jews

10 February 2020 15:04

The latest Holy Smoke episode will make challenging and fascinating listening for both Jews and Christians. My guest is a…

Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer at the DNC debate in Manchester, New Hampshire

The latest Democratic debate was the most pugilistic yet

8 February 2020 7:24

If you’re after a real fight, come to Manchester, New Hampshire on a Friday night. An idyllic Catholic college smothered…

Labour’s defeat has not ended anti-Semitism

31 December 2019 17:02

Anti-Semitism is the moral challenge of our times and we're currently failing it

Labour’s leading lights have learned nothing from their election disaster

31 December 2019 15:00

A Party that was serious about winning back power would already be assessing the reasons for its defeat

Hong Kong faces a growing crisis in 2020

31 December 2019 14:19

The world has turned a blind eye to Hong Kong's fight for liberal democracy

Holy Smoke Podcast: Mental health, useless clergy – and a young professor’s nightmare

15 November 2019 18:29

We’re all sick of celebrities making a meal of their mental health problems – but that doesn’t mean that we…

A hero bishop, a human disaster… and the Pachamama

1 November 2019 14:16

What exactly is the role of a bishop – Catholic or Anglican – in the modern West? They spend a…

Podcast: Why the Vatican is more corrupt than ever

11 October 2019 14:08

As the world’s Catholic bishops meet in Rome to waffle about the problems of indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin,…

Holy Smoke podcast: the strange religion of cryptocurrency

3 October 2019 13:30

What can a global cryptocurrency scam tells us about the future of religion? That’s a strange question to ask, but…

We will find out in a few days whether Brexit will happen

28 September 2019 13:41

Barnier and Juncker are running out of time to decide if Johnson is bluffing

How a sadistic Kremlin tormented Jewish musicians

20 September 2019 18:48

The new episode of the Holy Smoke podcast looks at the cruel cat-and-mouse game that the Soviet Union played with…

Why liberals turn a blind eye to the global persecution of Christians

2 September 2019 16:41

The new episode of Holy Smoke is about the persecution of Christians. That’s a familiar concept, even if we don’t…

Trump’s Yin and Yang game with China

24 August 2019 17:25

Ignore the Twitter rants, the real Donald Trump thinks trade peace is about to break out

Cricket’s guilty men: my list of who deserves to be sacked for the Ashes debacle

24 August 2019 11:42

Like many, if not most England fans, I am at a stage beyond rage after their performance

Can France keep Germany in check after Brexit?

24 August 2019 10:46

In the wake of Brexit, the Franco-German axis appears shaky

Cardinal Pell and the lies of Carl Beech

8 August 2019 16:58

This week’s Holy Smoke podcast asks whether Cardinal George Pell, jailed in Australia for paedophile crimes, could have been the…

The Church of England needs mission

21 July 2019 8:00

The time has come to disestablish the Church of England. As a deeply partisan Prayer Book Anglican – a churchmanship…

The real problem with Michael Gove’s drug admission

8 June 2019 11:59

The problem for Michael Gove is not that thousands of Conservative party members will open their copy of the Daily…

Brexit would have been Flashman’s finest hour

28 January 2019 11:29

With the 50th anniversary of the publication of George MacDonald Fraser’s first Flashman novel, how would Thomas Hughes’ school bully have…