Pea Priestly

Edward Enninful’s first act should be to purge British Vogue of Sloaney sloths

13 April 2017 17:21

As far as I am concerned, British Vogue under its outgoing editor was complacent, borderline racist and lacked taste, therefore the benchmark for what…

Why London Fashion Week needs to die

22 February 2017 12:15

Twice a year, those fortunate enough to have climbed the emotionally hazardous fashion ladder descend upon London to participate in…

Alexandra Shulman’s reign at Vogue will be defined by mediocrity, idiocy and flip-flops

2 February 2017 16:14

The outpouring of love following Alexandra Shulman’s departure from Vogue was truly touching: she was described as ‘unpretentious’ and ‘very…