David Skelton

Britain must realise George Osborne’s vision of a northern powerhouse

24 June 2014 11:31

If you walk around our great northern cities, you’ll see stunning examples of civic pride. Albert Square in Manchester and…

A minimum wage rise will show the Conservatives are a party for all working people

17 January 2014 8:58

The Chancellor’s announcement that he’s recommending an above average increase in the minimum wage is very welcome news. It’s something…

Margaret Thatcher: friend of the unions?

11 September 2013 14:10

When Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 election, she was helped into Downing Street by what many of today’s politicians would…

David Cameron speaking to guests at a Gay Pride reception in Downing Street. Picture: Getty

Conservative MPs should think twice before voting against equal marriage

5 February 2013 12:16

Equal marriage has provoked anguished internal discussions in the Tory Party. Twenty  Association Chairmen have asked the Prime Minister to…

Kelvin MacKenzie argued yesterday that the South should stop subsidising the North. Picture: Getty

Don’t set different parts of the UK against each other

4 December 2012 11:44

Kelvin MacKenzie made what I assume is a tongue-in-cheek plea for the formation of a ‘Southern party’ in the Telegraph…

How state schools can boost their Olympic chances

3 August 2012 15:00

Lord Moynihan’s comments about the dominance of private school athletes in Team GB have caused a stir.  He suggests that …