Damian Thompson

Damian Thompson is an associate editor of The Spectator

The Pope and ‘paedophile cardinals’: another clue that Francis is at war with the Vatican

18 July 2014 17:46

Today’s front-page splash in The Catholic Herald reads: ‘Vatican in a spin as Pope Francis grants an explosive new interview’.…

Women bishops: the game’s up for Anglo-Catholics

14 July 2014 16:31

From the moment the General Synod voted for women priests in 1992, it was inevitable that it would also vote…

Lord Carey undermines his successor, again

12 July 2014 14:36

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has changed his mind about ‘assisted dying’ and intends to vote for Lord…

Chris Patten keeps failing upwards – now he’s advising the Pope. Poor Pope.

10 July 2014 8:24

There is a wearying inevitability to the announcement that Pope Francis’s reforms of the Vatican media will be overseen by…