Conor Burns

Margaret Thatcher would expect the Tories to retake control of Britain’s borders

18 October 2014 10:53

In a 1978 interview to mark her third year as leader of the Conservative Party, Margaret Thatcher addressed public concerns…

Our Scottish campaign will encourage English Nationalism unless the voice of England is heard

18 September 2014 22:30

This is an extract from a speech delivered by Tory MP Conor Burns at a Conservative association dinner in Chris…

Eu referendum

Take it from a eurosceptic: Adam Afriyie’s plan won’t give the British people a say

6 October 2013 13:25

I shared the surprise of most Conservative colleagues when I read Adam Afriyie’s proposed amendment to the European Referendum Bill…

The public would find an eye watering £10,000 pay increase for MPs unacceptable

10 July 2013 18:36

It has often been said that there is no perfect time for an increase in MPs’ pay. If that is…

Nigel Farage campaigning. Picture: PA

Voters hold Ukip to a different standard: there is no point in attacking their people or their policies

29 April 2013 9:36

Some of the coverage of the background and views of UKIP local election candidates has been met with a glee…

Why I regret voting for the Bill that introduced PCCs

19 November 2012 10:47

So much has been written about the lead up to, and the fall-out from, last week’s elections for Police and…