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Six times Lily Allen could have ‘stuck to singing’

20 January 2020

11:18 AM

20 January 2020

11:18 AM

When the actor Laurence Fox appeared on Question Time last week, and laid into the growth of identity politics in the UK, it’s fair to say he didn’t make many friends online. The actor has since been bombarded with abuse for refusing to apologise for his comments and was even denounced by the actors’ union Equity, who labelled him a ‘disgrace’ – before the union retracted its comments.

Now it appears the pop-star and mindless provocateur Lily Allen has added her thoughts to the mix. Apparently without any sense of irony, the singer hit out at Fox over the weekend, and claimed that she was ‘sick to death of luvvies… forcing their opinions on everybody else’, especially when they ‘never have to deal with what normal people have to deal with’.

Mr S for once thinks she might be on to something. Although perhaps Allen, who spent the best part of the decade living in a £4.2m mansion in the Cotswolds, could have followed her own advice when it comes to luvvies ‘ranting about things you don’t know anything about.’ It certainly might have saved the pop-star some embarrassment when she:


  • Suggested that the Conservative victory in the 2019 general election was down to Britain being a racist and misogynistic country. And then retweeted claims that the Tories had won because people had voted for ‘kids to die with no healthcare’ and for ‘less brown people’.

  • Released  a video showing herself ‘crying’ after reading the Labour manifesto, saying the missive – which saw Labour go on to its worst election defeat since the 1930s – was ‘the best manifesto I’ve ever seen’.

  • Declared online that ‘fags hate trump’ after the Gay Times shared an anti-Trump song she had recorded:

  • Said that a post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ wouldn’t work, because the world still hates the UK because of ‘slavery’.

  • Suggested that she might stand to be a member of the European Parliament, ahead of the European elections last year:

  • Played the down the impact of British-Asian grooming gangs and said there was a ‘strong possibility’ that the victims ‘would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.’ And then apologised to the victims of Rochdale, who she said may have been ‘negatively impacted’ by her comments.

Mr Steerpike can only hope that Allen’s newfound hatred of uninformed luvvies means we never hear from her again…


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