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Two big blunders that will be remembered from this election

11 December 2019

5:38 PM

11 December 2019

5:38 PM

The two stand-out moments of the campaign?

1) Jeremy Corbyn refusing to say sorry to the Jewish community, in Andrew Neil’s BBC interview, for the hurt and anxiety he caused by failing for years to eliminate anti-Semitism from the Labour party.

2) Boris Johnson’s refusal to look at a picture of a four-year-old with suspected pneumonia lying on the floor of Leeds General Infirmary, which ITV News’ Joe Pike tried to show him on his phone, and then Johnson’s pocketing of Pike’s phone.

Each leader showed a wilful refusal to take personal responsibility for the consequences of their respective party’s actions. Both looked, to many, self-righteous and untrustworthy.

Good luck with your choice. Best to make it on the basis of their very different visions of what the UK should and could be (for details of which, see my earlier blog) rather than on the basis of their personal qualities.

Robert Peston is ITV’s Political Editor. This article originally appeared on his ITV News blog

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